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    23 Titanic Tech Fails of the 21st Century

    They can’t all be winners. The last 17 years have seen the technology industry crash and rise, and while we’ve got a few mega-success stories to show for it, most of what we’ve seen has ended up on the cutting room floor of history. Then, there are the slip-ups so extraordinary that they do make […]

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    HTC U11 Review: Our New Squeeze

    Things have been rough for HTC on the smartphone front. Four years ago, we all lusted after the excellent HTC One (aka. M7), which pioneered the seamless aluminum unibody commonplace today and brought OIS and quality audio to Android. The One M8 introduced dual-cameras but lost some of its predecessor’s shine. By the time the […]

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    Microsoft Surface Laptop Review

    Microsoft has been killing it lately, but many of their great recent hardware announcements have been geared towards the prosumer. That’s why we were so excited to test the Surface Laptop, which is designed with students in mind. But after spending nearly a week with it, we can testify to the fact that more than […]

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    V-Moda Remix Customizable Bluetooth Speaker Review

    Over the years, V-Moda has built a strong brand for high-end consumer headphones that are beautifully engineered, and, usually customizable. Now, V-Moda has released their first ever bluetooth speaker, and it’s very V-Moda. The V-Moda Remix speaker is the first ever bluetooth speaker to include a built-in headphone amplifier. It may also be the first […]

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    Funko’s Latest Star Wars Pops Celebrate Carrie Fisher

    It’s that time of year again. SDCC is just around the corner and toy and collectible companies are starting to offer first looks at all the great SDCC exclusive collectibles that will be released at the con. Popmaker Funko recently released the first information on exclusive Star Wars pops that will be sold at SDCC. […]

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    Best of Computex 2017

    Computex 2017 is winding down today, and after a week of massive processors and slim laptops, we’re ready to look back and pick our winners. That gets harder every year — Computex is on the upswing, with more and more exhibitors showing up to show off their goods. Even Dell, long absent from the halls of […]

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    Animaniacs is Returning to TV with New Episodes

    I guess we should have seen this coming last year when the original run of the ’90s cartoon classic Animaniacs made it to Netflix. A whole lot of people must have drunk deep from that water tower — now that hard numbers exist proving how many people want to see more Animaniacs, it sounds like it’s only a matter […]

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    Here’s What We’re Looking Forward to at Computex 2017

    Computex, one of the world’s biggest tech trade shows, just kicked off in Taipei, Taiwan. Over the years, Computex has been a big forum for raw power — we’ve seen Intel often unveil their latest generation of processors here, and just last year both Nvidia and AMD announced big leaps forward in their GPUs. It’s big […]

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    Here’s What’s New on Netflix in June

    Summer’s coming, and while that means the network shows are all taking naps, Netflix is staying wide awake. Season five of Orange is the New Black is finally (and officially) here, and for the television averse, the rest of our favorite superhero shows that didn’t make it to Netflix in May are arriving in June. Here’s […]

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    James Corden and CBS are Producing a Snapchat Show

    Everyone in the tech world seems like they’re trying to cash in on video, and Snapchat’s no different. In their fight to stave off Facebook’s all-out assault, the company is looking into video by sticking short-form Snapchat Shows in the Discover section of the app. There’s already been a rush to create shows for Snapchat […]

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    The Trailer for the Emoji Movie is Actually Pretty Adorable

    I think we probably heard about this sometime last year before forgetting about it for a while, but Sony Pictures just roared back with a reminder — The Emoji Movie is real, and it’s coming out this year. They released the first trailer for it this week, and it is definitely about emoji. For something as ridiculous […]

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    The Newest Lego Minecraft Set is the Massive Mountain Cave

    Last year when Lego released The Village Minecraft set, we noted it was the largest Lego Minecraft set yet. Just a little over one year later, Lego is ready to introduce their latest — and it’s got over 1,000 more pieces than that set. You’re going to have to set some time aside to build the Mountain […]