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    Twitter Just Made It a Whole Lot Easier To Include GIFs, Photos and Videos

    It’s about freaking time! No longer do you have spend minutes of your precious time figuring out how to put your deep thoughts on Angelina and Brad’s divorce into only 140 characters. Launching today, Twitter now does not count photos, videos, GIFs, polls and Quote Tweets as part of your 140-character count. Links still do count, however. Also, Twitter […]

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    Facebook News Feed Get a New Look

    Changes are coming to Facebook, and as far as facelifts go, this is a big one. The functionality of Facebook won’t change too much, but what you see will be much different. Pictures and stories on your news feed will appear much larger than before, and in richer color. The chat bar will be taken […]

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    Nielsen to Rate TV Shows Based on Twitter Activity

    For a while now, Nielsen, famous for its television ratings, has received criticism for what many view as outdated methods of data collection. This is mostly because its electronic data collection – and even its paper surveys and viewing diaries sent out to certain households – rely on people actually tuning in to television programs […]

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    Molly Bot Turns Your Retweets into Sweets

    Here is one gadget that is tweeter than sweet! Molly is a little robot that turns your retweets into sweets! Designed to sit on your desk along side your computer while you work, Molly will push out a candy every time you reach the amount of retweets that you have set. It’s like being rewarded […]

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    Playmysong Brings the Jukebox Back, No Dimes Required

    If you ever wanted to turn over control of your music playlist to your friends, Playmysong is available now and ready for you to download. Don’t worry, though – you won’t need to suffer someone trying to screw up your morning jog by pumping disco into your earbuds.

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    Police Use Facebook to Revive Kelly Morrisey 1984 Cold Case

    On May 14th, 1984 Mark Zuckerberg was born, and only a month later, Kelly Morrisey, 15, vanished and was last seen at a gas station on Merrick Road in Long Island. Now 26 years later, Zuckerberg’s Facebook page might help solve the Kelly Morrisey missing person’s case. That is because recent postings on a Facebook […]

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    Queen Elizabeth II Doesn’t Want to Be Your Facebook Friend

    Queen Elizabeth II has officially joined Facebook. The British Monarchy has set up a bunch of pages that will let Facebook users keep up-to date on her her majesty’s engagements. Facebook users will also be able to leave messages and comments for the Queen and Buckingham Palace. “The decision went right up to the queen,” […]

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    Backstage at Austin City Limits Music Festival with AMD

    With an amazing line-up that includes the likes of Blues Traveler, Norah Jones, Muze, Deadmau5, and the Eagles – just to name a few, this weekend in Texas the 2010 Austin City Limits Music Festival has taken over. We were invited to ACL by AMD and had the opportunity to go backstage at the AMD […]

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    Lindsay Lohan Getting Therapy in Rehab for Twitter Addiction

    Not all that long ago we discussed what methods Lindsay could use in order to stay on top of her social media accounts while in prison, after all, the girl is known for being passionate about Twitter and social media in general. Now it turns out that while undergoing rehab at the Betty Ford Center, […]

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    Puppy Tweets Review

    Puppy Tweets is the essential pet gadget for any geeky pet owner who wants to share the wonderful world of Twitter with their favorite furry pal. In particular my dog is very tech savvy – she has her own computer, briefly took over the site back in April, and can be found modeling for some of […]

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    MobileMonday Summit 2010 Brings Together Global Mobile Innovators

    When it comes to trends in mobile, I think about social networking, sharing, and feature rich smartphones. But what if there’s more to the mobile web? What if the future in mobile is about the social good? That was the trend at the MobileMonday summit, a meetup where leaders in the mobile space join together […]

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    Can Governments Rightfully Issue a Facebook Ban?

    As connecting worldwide and sharing information becomes easier through tools like smartphones and social networking sites, many governments that have traditionally been able to squash the flow of information are faced with new problems in controlling it. Rather than allowing innovation to take its course, many governments are choosing to ban the tools that make […]

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    Bad Girls Club Miami Takes Twitter and Facebook by Storm

    When I walked into the OxygenLive TV premier of “Bad Girls Club Miami,” I was expecting cat fights and cocktails. Instead, I got live tweeters, the new cast of Bad Girls Club Miami, and the baddest Bad Girls Tanisha and Flo from Bad Girls Season 4 and 5 respectively all glued to their computer screens. […]

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    Hershey Gardens Unveils World’s First Twitter Birdhouse

    The folks over at Hershey Gardens in Pennsylvania recently had an epiphany – despite all the Twitter fans out there, there is no actual Twitter-themed birdhouse in existence. Or at least there wasn’t. They’ve went ahead and built the world’s first Twitter-themed birdhouse that is designed to be displayed at Hershey Gardens. There is a […]

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    Brizzly Fixes Everything You Hate About Twitter

    If you know me personally, then you know that I’m a huge Twitter addict, but I have to admit that some of Twitter’s usability is a little lacking. 140 characters limits long-winded-self-promoters to just a few words, which prompts the use of shortened URLS for the maximum tweetage. But with the use of shortened links, […]

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    CES 2009: Kodak’s 2 New Cameras- Z980 & Zx1 Impress

    Featuring a wealth of power and versatility, the Kodak Z980 Digital Camera offers a 26 mm wide angle, professional quality, 24X image stabilized optical zoom lens, a vertical shutter release and a hot shoe (my foot is just fine, thanks for noticing), all at an decent price. The Z980 enables serious photographers to easily handle […]