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    Are Robot Olympics Next? Bots Are Already Playing These 7 Sports

    We’ve got the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics — are the Robot Olympics next? Maybe! The metal and wire crowd might not have any Phelpsian swimmers in its ranks yet, but sports-playing robots are becoming more and more common. They’re not exactly graceful or athletic just yet, but hey, they and their human friends are […]

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    Sony’s Smart Tennis Sensor is Finally Here

    It seems like ages ago when we got hands-on with Sony’s Smart Tennis Sensor at CES 2014, but finally, after a Japanese debut and delays for the North American release, it’s finally set to hit the states. The final product is small orange nib that fits into the bottom of your tennis racket, which they’ve […]

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    Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Sports Headphone Review

    It’s tough to find the right gym headphones, but this might be your lucky day. The Plantronics BackBeat Fits are wireless bluetooth headphones that feature a water resistant design, built-in audio controls, a microphone, an 8 hour battery, and a durable build with powerful audio. The BackBeat Fits are in-ear headphones with a thick rubber […]

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    Snow Just Got Schooled by the Madshus Smart Ski

    In all things, the ticket to excelling is refinement. It’s about getting the little details perfect, getting slight edges over others who are more or less just as skilled as you are. So it goes with skiing, and now, refinement is being offered in more depth than ever before. Madshus, a ski company from Norway, […]

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    Incipio ATLAS Waterproof iPhone 5 Case Review

    We all love our iPhone 5, but we too often neglect to protect it properly from the elements. Fortunately, Incipio’s ATLAS Case is designed both for clumsy folk, as well as for adventurous types. This super tough case provides multiple layers of protection for your iPhone, effectively protecting it from water, dirt and drops. And it […]

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    Sony Action Cam with Wi-Fi (HDR-AS15) Review

    GoPro might have started the POV camera craze, but Sony is hitting back hard with their new Action Cams. The company says that they have taken their time to come to market with these imaging products. To that effect, they waited to release a product that could produce footage good enough to do justice for […]

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    AquaPulse Heart Rate Monitor Review

    Attention swimmers: it might be time to push yourself to the next level. Thanks to the AquaPulse heart rate monitor, you can do so safely and efficiently. It’s been a long time coming for this little waterproof heart rate monitor by Finis. The AquaPulse by Finis uses infrared technology to track your heart rate via […]

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    Angry Birds Playground Balls Are Ready to Terrorize Dodgeball

    The Angry Bird merchandise madness is still going full steam ahead, and the latest Angry Birds merch comes to us in the form of an eight and a half inch Red Bird and Pig rubber playground ball. Can you imagine playing dodgeball with these guys? Either way,we definitely wouldn’t want to be on the Pigs’ […]

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    GameTime Geeks NFL, MLB & NBA iPad Skin and Sleeve Reviews

    GameTime Geeks makes cases and accessories customized for almost all of your favorite sports teams. Currently, they offer a variety of very nice cases for all of the NFL teams, a large number of MLB teams, College teams, and soon NBA and NHL teams.  We got our hands on a beautifully customized silicone iPad skin […]

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    Swimsense Swimming Performance Monitor Measures Laps with Apps

    Swimsense from Finis is a new performance monitoring device that is designed to wear on your wrist while swimming, so that you can keep on top of all of your stats in the water. Using a built-in accelerometer and magnetometer, Swimsense is able to automatically record the number of laps, total distance, calories burned, lap […]

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    Android Clock Widgets for College Football Games

    It’s nice to see some more custom looking widgets coming out for Android Phones – why should the iPhone get all the fun Apps! Smartphones Technologies has launched Smart Widgets for Android devices, featuring custom college clock widgets for 75 colleges and universities. Instead of using the standard clock that comes with the phone, college […]

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    Pantech C820 Matrix Pro Review

    The new Pantech C820 Matrix Pro is an update to Pantech’s Matrix Duo, a Windows Mobile smartphone that sports both a numeric and QWERTY keypad. For those looking for a Windows Mobile device that packs in just about everything – the Pantech Matrix Pro C820 runs on AT&T’s speedy 3G network, it sports GPS, a […]

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    Seagate FreeAgent Theater HD Media Player Review

    The FreeAgent Theater HD Media Player is a pretty unique product, and in some ways it’s the first of its kind. There are an assortment of multimedia hard drives out there that are designed to carry multimedia content like videos and music from your computer that will play on to your TV. However, with these […]

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    Uniea Haptique HardShell Case for MacBook Review

    Available in white, black, pink, blue, green or orange, Uniea’s Haptique for the new MacBook Aluminum, is a hardshell case made of ABS plastic with soft touch coating that has a textured feel. The case also sports an soft interior to protect the surface of your MacBook from scratches while also providing opening for access […]

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    Sanyo Unleashes Affordable Xacti Feature Rich HD Camcorders

    Today Sanyo unveiled a whole slew of new Xacti HD camcorders, all of which are priced very competitively and are sporting a well rounded feature set. Some of the new Xacti cameras are surprisingly sporting a more traditional horizontal camcorder form factor, which is a deviation from the Xacti’s previous vertical models. However some of […]

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    Celebrity Sports Showdown for Wii Review

    EA’s Celebrity Sports Showdown for Wii is a random combination of celebrities and obscure sports that delivers pure entertainment.  With 10 different characters and 12 outdoor sports to choose from, this is a game that has lasting appeal. Each player can choose a singer like Fergie, Avril Lavigne, LeAnn Rimes, Keith Urban and Nelly Furtado […]