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    Sprint Phone Connect 3 Tries to Breathe New Life into Landlines

    The big four probably aren’t too enthusiastic about maintaining those old landline connections. So, every once in a while, those of us who still have one get a gentle poke or prod to lightly suggest, hey, maybe let it go. That’s pretty much what the Sprint Phone Connect 3 is—a Bluetooth device that will route […]

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    Sprint Takes on the Big Four with New Ambitious Monthly Plans

    Sprint has unveiled new pricing for their off-contract monthly plans, and it looks like they’re aiming to soundly beat the rest of the big four when it comes to affordability. Through Sprint Prepaid, you can now get monthly plans that all include unlimited talk and text. Past that, you’ll get 1 GB of data for […]

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    Sprint LivePro is a Hotspot with a Mobile Projector

    Sprint Spark, Sprint’s latest high-speed network, is supposed to be the new hotness. And, even though things have been rough in the early going, Spark shows a lot of promise. Sprint would like you to see for yourself, so they’re introducing a new gadget to show off what their new network is capable of. Sprint […]

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    HTC One M8 – is it a Winner? We Go Hands-on

    Sometimes, it’s all too easy to forget that the smartphone race has more than two horses. HTC is still trying to hang in there with Samsung and Apple, and to their credit, they’ve released some excellent, critically acclaimed phones that just haven’t quite taken off. Last year’s HTC One was a good example of that […]

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    What is Sprint Spark, and When is it Coming?

    Thank you to Sprint for sponsoring this article. Get inspired by innovation and see what’s next at Sprint.com/faster.   Have you heard of Sprint Spark™? You will now, and you’ll probably like what you hear. Sprint is looking to blow the hinges off the wireless Internet game with their brand new network that will put even […]

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    7 Ultimate Apps for Taking Selfies

    Thank you to Sprint for sponsoring this article. Get inspired by innovation and see what’s next at Sprint.com/faster. Sprint Faster is a great site to visit if you’re looking for the latest trends, featuring stories from leading tech experts. When national news outlets feel the need to report on a few world leaders taking a selfie […]

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    The 7 Best Accessories for Organizing Your Cables

    Thank you to Sprint  for sponsoring this article. Get inspired by innovation and see what’s next at Sprint.com/faster   Wireless networks like Sprint’s up and coming Sprint Spark™ capability are getting faster and faster, making it easy for us to depend on our mobile devices and cut the chords. Yet, as we move forward into the future, we’ve […]

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    How to Completely Control Your Home with a Smartphone

    Thank you to Sprint for sponsoring this article. Get inspired by innovation and see what’s next at Sprint.com/faster. These days our smartphone is a lot more than just a communication device. Thanks to smart devices and their accompanying apps, our phone is also able to serve as a control center for our home. Traveling and […]

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    Are Your Hands Ready for the Samsung Galaxy Mega?

    In the land of the 64 oz. Double Gulp, the 6.3” phone is king. At least, that’s what Samsung is probably hoping with the upcoming stateside release of the Samsung Galaxy Mega, a supersized version of the Galaxy S4. It sounds like it’s coming straight out of a Conan spoof, but the Galaxy Mega is […]

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    HTC 8XT is Sprint’s First Windows Phone 8 Device

    Sprint has been getting a cold shoulder from Windows Phone 8, at least until today. The company is finally offering customers their first Windows Phone 8 device, the HTC 8XT. The HTC 8XT is essentially the same signature device as the original HTC 8X, but it is also the first Windows Phone to offer HTC […]

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    New HTC One Hands-on and First Impressions

    Nearly a week before MWC 2013, HTC has announced their new flagship smartphone. The New HTC One is a successor to the HTC One X that was announced last year at MWC. Under the hood, the new HTC one is packing some very impressive specs with a 1.7 GHz quad-core processor, and a 4.7-inch full […]

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    Republic Wireless Review – The $19 Unlimited Cell Phone Plan

    Republic Wireless is one of the latest no-contract cellular companies to pop up. But Republic Wireless is hardly your standard prepaid wireless company. That is because it’s also the nation’s first hybrid Wi-Fi and cell service. The concept is actually quite socialist in nature. Instead of working off of traditional cell phone towers alone, the […]

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    Samsung Galaxy Note II Review (T-Mobile)

    The original Samsung Galaxy Note made quite the splash because it was caught somewhere between a tablet and a smartphone, and it was the first of its kind. The inclusion of its S Pen for drawing and scribbling notes further made it unique in a market flooded with too many Android phones. Now Samsung has […]

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    Sprint EVO 4G LTE Offers DSLR Quality Camera, We Go Hands-On

    Today with much fanfare, Sprint debuted their newest Smartphone – the EVO 4G LTE. The EVO represents a much long and fabled love affair between Sprint and HTC, and this newest addition only exemplifies that. The sleek lines of the phone, plus its emphasis on LTE, and of course, Beats audio, have all been loaded […]