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    Covert Affairs Auggie Gets a Headphone Upgrade

    I’ve mentioned this before – but my latest obsession seems to be with Auggie on the show Covert Affairs and the gadgets that he uses. There hasn’t been really anything super outstanding as of late. But one thing that has changed seems to be Auggie’s headset that he uses in the office. In the first […]

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    iPhone Spy Stick Recovers All Those Tiger Woods Texts

    The new iPhone Spy Stick would have been mighty handy for Elin Woods while she was discovering Tiger’s indiscretions, and probably with Sandra and Jesse too. With the iPhone Spy Stick, you can recover deleted texts, appointments, searches on Google maps, contacts, and more data that is stored on an iPhone. 

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    Playboy Belt Works as a Hidden Spy Camera for Pervs

    We’ve seen hidden spy cameras show up in many weird places – soda cans, clocks, air fresheners, you name it. But a belt? As cool and 007’ish as having a spy camera hidden in your belt is, what exactly are you trying to record at that sea level, hmmm? Sounds like this one is a […]

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    007 Quantum of Solace Vaio TT Laptop and 8GB Micro Vault

    It’s November – and you know what that means! It’s time for all the 007 branded products to start popping up. The first of which is the James Bond 007 Sony Vaio TT Series Notebook with a carbon fiber black casing with an 007 engraved logo, as well as a leather case to complete the […]

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    Hello Kitty MP3 Player Review (And It’s Affordable too!)

    Products under the Hello Kitty moniker have continuously established themselves in popularity and mass appeal among adolescents and teens as one of the world-wide leaders in the production of cool and colorful gadgets. The Hello Kitty Digital MP3 Player with 3 Changing Face Plates ($39.95, ages 7 to 14) by Sakar continues in that trend! […]

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    JayBird JB-200 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

    Ironically, Bluetooth has been around for nearly 15 years; However, for most of this time, this technology was dormant. Thus, leading some experts in the technology field wondering whether Bluetooth would become what BETA players and its technology had become with the advent of VHS technology during the 1980’s —- Extinct (VHS had won out […]