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    Sphero’s Latest Droid Companion is R2-Q5, R2-D2’s Evil Twin

    In 2015, a gold mine opened up in front of Sphero. Makers of little app-controlled robotic balls, the company hit the big time when BB-8 made his debut in one of the trailers for The Force Awakens. Sphero produced a BB-8 version of their robot ball that autumn, and they’ve been a holiday force to be […]

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    Lego is Bringing Two Exclusive Star Wars BrickHeadz Figurines to New York Comic-Con

    With all their movie tie-ins, Lego has become a mainstay at comics conventions, and it seems like they’ve come to understand the scene pretty well. Their BrickHeadz line — big-eyed buildable figurines that could be compared to Funko Pops — has provided fertile ground for convention exclusives before, and it’s proving true for this year’s New York […]

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    25 Super Geeky Adult Coloring Books to Help You Relieve Fandom Stress

    Are the characters of your favorite show acting dumb again? Did the writers shunt in something that totally doesn’t fit that one character? We’ve been there. Fandom stress is real, and along with all the other real-word stress we have to deal with, you have to find some kind of outlet. Adult coloring books have […]

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    Disney and Lucasfilm Have Gone Back to J.J. Abrams to Direct Star Wars: Episode IX

    Well, they tried to experiment. Disney and Lucasfilm wanted to see what younger, less experienced directors could do with the Star Wars saga, and they didn’t like what they saw. They replaced Phil Lord and Christopher Miller with the ever-dependable Ron Howard on the upcoming young Han Solo movie, and now they’ve made an even safer […]

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    Disney Has Removed Yet Another Director from an Upcoming Star Wars Movie

    Well, if nothing else, we know that Disney isn’t messing around when it comes to the Star Wars franchise. For the third time since they’ve taken over the franchise (and the second time this year), a once-confirmed director has been ousted from their seat. Yesterday, Disney announced that Colin Trevorrow, who had been signed on to […]

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    Kids Can Build Their Own Working R2-D2 With the LittleBits Droid Inventor Kit

    Which Star Wars character did you want to be growing up? Maybe Leia, maybe Luke, there’s definitely some Boba Fetts out there — all understandable, but LittleBits is looking for kids who want to be the unsung heroes of the Star Wars galaxy. Someone has to be out there building those lovable droids, right? LittleBits is hoping to […]

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    Alderaan Lives on in This Star Wars Galactic Necklace

    We’ve lost a lot of good planets over the decades of Star Wars. Alderaan created a disturbance in the Force in the original trilogy, and then we lost I guess every planet in the Hosnian system in The Force Awakens. The StarKiller Base victims will still have to wait, but at least Alderaan is getting memorialized in […]

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    Obi-Wan Kenobi Might Get His Own Star Wars Film

    It wasn’t long after Disney bought Lucasfilm that they announced their plans to revive the franchise with a new trilogy and three movies that would serve as self-contained side stories. Of course, we’re guessing those six movies aren’t going to be the end of it, but you can think of that as phase one of […]

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    Luke’s Tatooine Landspeeder Ride-On Toy Makes Us Wish We Were a Child Again

    Did The Force Awakens finally get the kids into Star Wars? If you were able to convince them that the originals were equally awesome, you can properly reward them for their parent-mandated good taste. Radio Flyer is making a ride-on toy based on the landspeeder Luke and Obi-Wan cruised around in on Tatooine, and it’s going […]

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    Disney Just Previewed Their Billion-Dollar Star Wars Disneyland Expansion

    A galaxy far, far away is getting brought down to Earth. Since Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012, they’ve been kicking around ways to integrate Star Wars with all other things Disney, with the biggest example being a whole section of their theme parks dedicated to the franchise. Construction at both Disneyland and Disney World is […]

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    Someone Transformed the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer into an ’80s Computer Game

    Well, this is one way to pay homage to the ’80s influences on the original Star Wars. Indonesian illustrator Wahyu Ichwandardi managed to turn the trailer for The Last Jedi into something that looks like an ’80s video game, green-scale and all — and that’s not even the coolest part about this story. More than anything, we’re impressed […]

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    Lucasfilm Abruptly Fires Directors of the Star Wars: Han Solo Movie

    Phil Lord and Christopher Miller may have shot first, but in the Star Wars universe, the shot Lucasfilm takes is the only one that matters. The duo have been fired as directors of the upcoming Star Wars standalone movie about Han Solo shortly before the end of principal photography, throwing the film into uncertainty and […]

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    25 Fidget Spinners for Geeky Stress Relief

    Well, this was inevitable. Geeky fidget spinners have taken the world by storm almost as quickly as fidget spinners themselves flew into our lives. Turns out, coming up with awesome nerdy tweaks to the spinners is just as good of a boredom killer, because we had to actually weed out a lot of spinners just to […]