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    27 Incredibly Geeky Yet Classy Ties

    Ties are a timeless, go-to gift idea for the men in your life, especially when Father’s Day rolls around. If your husband, dad, or brother is really a geek at heart, you’re bound to find the one that is just right for the man of the hour among these geeky ties! Subtle Superman Emblem This tie sneaks the […]

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    Chewbacca Mask Woman Gets a Sweet Surprise From Kohl’s

    Cue the copycats. Candace Payne, the woman behind the Chewbacca mask of hysterical joy, received even more glad tidings this week courtesy of Kohl’s, which, in viral terms, would be ground zero of this viral epidemic. The store where Payne bought the mask hooked up her entire family with all the Star Wars gear they […]

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    25 Exquisitely Beautiful Disney Minimalist Posters

    There is something wonderful about seeing all that we love in a movie simmered down to the essence of what makes it great. These 25 minimalist Disney posters do the classics proud with an artistic touch that captures the wonder and fun of the epic adventures with a light touch. Robin Hood That rascal of […]

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    Win a Box Full of Star Wars Swag from ThinkGeek

    May the fourth be with you! It’s Star Wars day, and we’re not letting the occasion pass without hooking someone up with some sweet swag from a galaxy far, far away. We’ve partnered up with ThinkGeek for promising a whole box of Star Wars merch from across all the trilogies. Um, well, maybe not so much […]

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    Disney Retells Story Of The Force Awakens Using Emoji

    I suppose it’s possible that even now, someone out there hasn’t yet seen The Force Awakens. If you don’t have two hours and change to spare, Disney has you covered — you can get the complete rundown in just over three minutes with the magic of emoji. Alright, so Disney takes some liberties — the emoji are a […]

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    25 Geeky Flasks and Shot Glasses for the Nerdy Boozer in Your Life

    Flasks are one of those go-to, perfect for just about anybody gifts. Traditionally, brides and grooms love to gift flasks to their wedding party, but they also make great gifts for parents, siblings, or workmates. And if any of those people are geeks, let me tell you, you’ve got options. Here are 25 ways to help your favorite party […]

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    25 Insanely Geeky Yet Chic Purses

    People often say you can tell a lot about someone by looking at their shoes, but with women, it’s all in the purse. So, let your inner geek meet your inner fashionista and try one of these 25 fantastically fun and fashionable purses. We have something in here for every price range, from cheap and […]

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    Obi-Wan Kenobi Was Originally Supposed to Survive A New Hope

    In the original version of the script of A New Hope, there was to be no striking down and no getting powerful beyond Darth Vader’s imagining for Obi-Wan Kenobi. Peter Mayhew, the man behind the fur of Chewbacca, has been dishing out tidbits about the original script of the first Star Wars movie over the past few […]

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    Star Wars: Rogue One Debut Trailer is a Blast from the Past

    In case you haven’t heard (we know, you’ve heard), Star Wars is going to be an every year thing now. One movie per year is planned through 2020, and it’s a safe bet that Disney has every intention of keeping it going for long after that. But, not all of those movies are episodes in […]

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    Sphero’s BB-8 Will Respond to Watching the Force Awakens

    Do you own your own copy of The Force Awakens? Do you have a Sphero BB-8? Excellent. Clear out a few hours, because you need to rewatch the movie (again) for the best bonus content ever — watching your own droid react to the movie as it’s playing. We can’t help but be impressed with […]

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    20 Ways to Geek Out Your Kitchen

    Kitchens are where the magic happens. Food brings people together, and at any party or dinner party, we all end up in the kitchen at some point. That’s why it should really reflect the heart of who you are. If you are a nerd that loves sci-fi films and uses the word “science” as a […]

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    Only Star Wars Could Have a Teaser for Deleted Scenes

    I can’t say for certain that a teaser trailer for deleted scenes has never been done before in the history of bonus content, but I’ll say it’s the first time I’ve heard of it. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming out as an HD download and on Blu-ray next month, and as is tradition, […]

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    Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley Likely To Star As The Next Lara Croft

    There’s a lot that has to go right to make it happen, but it’s more than in the realm of possibility — a new Tomb Raider film franchise could have Star Wars: The Force Awakens star Daisy Ridley as Lara Croft. That’s a whole lot of pop culture pressure to shoulder! What seems certain is […]

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    Life-Size BB-8 Floor Lamp is Brilliant

    We’re all about BB-8 toys, but when we’re talking about everyone’s favorite new droid, bigger is always better. Life-size BB-8 toys are slowly starting to become available, and now we have this massive floor lamp. Think of this as The Force Awakens equivalent of the R2-D2 fridge. The BB-8 floor lamp is a little over […]

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    22 Stormtrooper Helmets Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

    I get it, the First Order is all about unity and strength and the suppression of individual will and all that other quasi-fascist stuff. But do they have to be so devoid of style? I guess the all white-clad Stormtrooper army is pretty intimidating as is, but it’s a bit plain, you know? Some enterprising […]

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    22 Star Wars-Inspired High Heel Shoes and Flats

    Star Wars isn’t just a multi-billion dollar marketing and merchandise machine, it’s a muse for some incredibly creative people out there. We’ve already seen what some of them have been able to do with dresses, and you can bet equal attention has been paid to shoes — matching outfits, and all that. Whether you’re a […]