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    Lady Gaga Partners with Starbucks for Some Special Dairy-Free Drinks

    After all the super heavy unicorn and mermaid frappuccinos at Starbucks this spring, things are starting to lighten up. Lady Gaga is working with Starbucks to create the Cups of Kindness program, which will feature four non-dairy drinks to help raise money for her Born This Way Foundation. Just because they’re getting away from mythical […]

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    A Brooklyn Cafe is Suing Starbucks Over the Unicorn Frappuccino

    Oh yes, this is the good stuff. The latest front in the war between hipster cafes and the behemoth Starbucks is over, incredibly appropriately, Instagram. The End is a Brooklyn cafe and the pioneers of the Unicorn Latte, and they’re none too happy with the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino. Despite the Unicorn Frap already having come and […]

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    There’s Now an Unofficial Mermaid Frappuccino at Starbucks

    Well, considering their logo, you’d think this would have been first out of the gate. Word’s getting out about an unofficial mermaid frappuccino that a Starbucks employee has concocted, and while it’s not going to show up on the official menu (yet), the recipe is out there for you to inflict on your local barista. […]

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    Starbucks is Ringing in Spring with Cute Pastel Cups

    Ready for winter to be over? So is Starbucks. In the few days before spring starts, they’ll be using all-new pastel-colored cups at locations in the United States and Canada. And, prepare yourself — in a shocking twist, the mermaid logo is nowhere to be found. Because the world hasn’t totally gone mad, the change will […]

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    The Colorful Ombre Trend Has Come to Starbucks as a Secret Drink

    Ombré — it’s not just for hair! The two-tone look is now coming to your Starbucks drink, thanks to a secret update to the secret menu of Starbucks, which might be less of an official thing and more of a lot of people asking for the same kind of really elaborate drink combinations. SECRET MENU ITEM‼️ […]

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    You Can Now Tell Alexa to Order You Some Starbucks

    Alexa learned a new skill this week, and it’s one Starbucks frequenters are going to be using a lot — especially if you have a usual. But, Alexa ordering you the usual is nothing compared to what Starbucks has planned for later in the year — a powerful voice assistant that can understand any order coming […]

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    Starbucks Officially Joins Forces With Pokémon Go

    Starbucks is officially joining Sprint in the push to make Pokémon Go magic happen all over again. The Sprint announcement revealed that new Pokémon are to be introduced to the game next week, expanding the number of Pokémon that can be collected by as many as 100. It’s looking like developers Niantic are attempting to better capitalize on […]

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    You Can Now Schedule a Meeting at Starbucks Using Outlook

    There really is nothing outside the reach of Starbucks. Microsoft and the omnipresent coffee chain have teamed up for an Outlook plugin that will make it extremely easy to send out gift cards and set up meetings, provided that those meetings take place at one of Starbucks’ more corporeal locations. Back when Office 2016 came […]

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    Starbucks is Going to Serve Nitro Cold Brew This Summer

    If you thought you were pretty hip and with it sipping on your nitro cold brew coffee, I hope you enjoyed the ride. Starbucks is taking the latest coffee trend mainstream this summer, as hipsters everywhere lament the success of yet another good thing. If you, like me, were not cool enough to know what […]

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    Starbucks Rolls Out An Emoji Keyboard So You Can Communicate with Lattes

    To celebrate (?) their controversial new rewards program, Starbucks is getting on the emoji train. Will a fun emoji keyboard mollify those feeling miffed by the new star to frappuccino exchange rate? Let’s find out. The Starbucks Keyboard is light on surprises. We’ve got frappuccino and tea emoji, the mermaid logo, and the gold star […]

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    Watch Barbra Streisand While Drinking a Soy Latte at Starbucks

    “Papa can you hear me?” Well maybe at Starbucks he can. Just park yourself with a half-calf/decaf Venti with soy at your local Starbucks between August 23rd and 30th and get ready to watch something special on your WiFi enabled device.  Barbra Streisand and Starbucks have partnered to bring Starbucks customers an intimate listing experience. […]

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    iPhone App of the Week: Starbucks Card Mobile App Lets You Pay with Your Phone

    Starbucks has recently unveiled a brand new way to pay for coffee at their thousands (and thousands and thousands) of stores worldwide: via iPhone. With the new Starbucks Card Mobile App, customers can load their Starbucks Cards to their phones. Payments are made with special in-store scanners that read information right off of your phone. […]