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    Hands on with Sungale Cyberus ID801WT Kitchen Touchscreen

    The Sungale Cyberus ID801WT was presented to us as a Digital Recipe Organizer which displays recipes stored locally and online, but it can do much more than that. We first wrote about it back in August and this week we got to see it hands on. Sungale was selling the ID801WT short, we found the recipe organizer […]

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    Sungale Redesigns Kula Wi-Fi TV Just Weeks After Unveiling

    Just a few weeks ago at CES, the portable Kula TV was unveiled. Many couldn’t help but compare it to FLO TV’s portable television that we recently reviewed. But in all honesty, the design that Sungale showed off at CES wasn’t all that hot. Their new black design on the other hand, is much slicker […]