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    Super Mario Run Will Hop Onto iOS on December 15

    When Nintendo made a surprise appearance at the iPhone 7 launch to reveal Super Mario Run, they weren’t ready to say when the game would be released and were clear that the game would rely on an up-front price instead of microtransactions. But, they did promise to deliver before the end of the year, and they’re making […]

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    Super Mario Run for iOS Will Have a Free Trial, With a Fee to Unlock the Whole Game

    When Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto made a surprise appearance at the iPhone 7 launch, he revealed Nintendo’s biggest foray into smartphone gaming yet with Super Mario Run. It won’t be Nintendo’s first smartphone app — that was Miitomo (Nintendo was financially involved in, but did not make, Pokémon Go) — but it’ll probably become their most downloaded and played for some time to […]

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    Nintendo is Bringing Mario to the iOS With Super Mario Run

    It started with Miitomo, and it kinda continued with the Niantic-developed Pokémon Go, but now consider the tap wide open. Nintendo is going full steam ahead into smartphone apps with their leading man with Super Mario Run, an upcoming game for iOS announced by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto at the Apple iPhone 7 press conference today. […]

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    Watch This Hamster Play Super Mario Bros. And Win

    When I saw the link to this video at first, I was really hoping for some contraption enabling a hamster running in a wheel to progress in Super Mario Bros. That kind of pro-animal egalitarian technology still eludes us, but this isn’t bad as consolation. Someone built an abbreviated version of World 1-1 of the […]

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    Nintendo Wants to Make Movies Again

    Nintendo has historically been reluctant to let its characters appear in other people’s movies, let alone develop its intellectual properties into other types of entertainment like movies or mobile games. And for good reason. After all, its 1993 foray into Hollywood film-making with the live-action Super Mario Bros. movie was a resounding flop, while lending […]

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    Play Super Mario 64 in Your Web Browser

    It’s not the full game (or even a full level), but hey, if you’re looking for a high definition Super Mario 64 experience, it’s the best we’ve got so far. Roystan Ross, a Unity developer, has recreated the first world in Super Mario 64, Bob-Omb Battlefield, in glorious high definition, and you can play it […]

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    Super Mario Bros. Figurine Game Challenges Your Balance Skills

    How much of a Nintendo fan are you? Here’s a pretty good barometer. If you must have every bit of Nintendo-licensed Super Mario Bros merch out there, here’s one you might have missed – the Super Mario Bros Balance World Game. Straight from Japan, it challenges you to stack Super Mario-related figurines in an attempt […]