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    T-Mobile Uncarrier 8.0: 4G LTE Data Rollover Arrives in January

    T-Mobile has made a Thing out of their new promotional announcements, running with the Uncarrier moniker and turning it into a series of events aimed at separating them from the rest of the Big Four. To their credit, the Uncarrier campaign has done just that, with greatest hits including the elimination of contracts, a generous […]

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    ZTE ZMAX is a Budget Phablet for T-Mobile

    ZTE is looking to expand its smartphone business into the United States with the ZTE ZMAX, a new phablet coming out in the wake of the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Note 4—no pressure. The 5.7″ ‘nearly-stock’ Android 4.4 phone won’t exactly be competing with either of those figurative and literal giants, though. This […]

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    T-Mobile Guarantees Wi-Fi Calling for All of Its Customers

    At their Un-carrier 7.0 event (boy, those are piling up fast), T-Mobile made some new announcements regarding Wi-Fi calling. Nothing here as impressive as previous Un-carrier events, but there’s still a lot to like if you’re a T-Mobile customer. T-Mobile’s major announcement was that Wi-Fi calling and texting is now open to all of its […]

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    Budget Friendly Sony Xperia E3 Offers Dual-SIM

    Coming along for the ride with Sony’s brand new line of Z3 mobile devices is the E3, an entry level smartphone that sports decent specs at what should be a pretty low price. The 4.5″ smartphone takes a huge hit to display quality compared to the flagship line. The display is just 854×480 resolution, so […]

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    6 Dirt Cheap Smartphones that are Actually Quite Good

    Cheap smartphones, no contract. Pick one, right? Unsubsidized, off-contract phones come at a high price—high enough to make the confines of a two-year contract preferable by comparison, which is really saying something. But, that’s only true for the flagship phones that get most of the publicity. The market is awash in low- and mid-tier budget […]

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    T-Mobile Referral Program Hooks You Up With Unlimited LTE for a Year

    Usually, when T-Mobile starts crowing about being the ‘un-carrier,’ they’re pretty indiscriminate when it comes to blasting the other carriers. Not so this week, as T-Mobile stepped up to the mic and spit vicious rhymes about Sprint’s substandard service. If this was rap beef, Sprint’s career would be over. What T-Mobile is offering is actually […]

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    T-Mobile Now Offering Prepaid iPhone 5S with a $50 Discount

    T-Mobile is getting July started with some pretty sweet deals if you’ve pitched your tent in Apple’s camp. They’re offering hardware discounts and bonuses if you buy an Apple device and put it on a T-Mobile monthly plan. Now that it’s possible to buy an iPhone with prepaid T-Mobile service straight from Apple Stores, T-Mobile […]

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    T-Mobile’s Test Drive Program is Kinda Crazy but Awfully Convincing

    As we’ve recently discovered, T-Mobile actually has the fastest 4G LTE network in quite a few major cities across the nation. T-Mobile’s pretty proud of that, and pretty proud of their new title of ‘un-carrier’ – part of their campaign against industry scourges like contracts and early termination fees. Above all, T-Mobile just wants you […]

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    T-Mobile Abolishes Overages

    T-Mobile said they had three big announcements that were going to shake up the wireless industry last week. We already brought you the first two – a new low-cost wireless plan and a year’s worth of free data for new tablets – and the third is no less a cause for rejoicing. T-Mobile is officially […]

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    T-Mobile Announces $40 Unlimited #Uncarrier Plan

    You have to give credit to T-Mobile – they’ve done a lot on the past year to differentiate themselves from the other major carriers, but they aren’t resting on their laurels. This week, the self-styled un-carrier has brand new announcements, including the low-cost Simple Starter Plan and Operation Tablet Freedom, which aims to make 4G […]

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    5 Dirt Cheap Unlimited Prepaid Mobile Plans Under $25

    We talk a lot here about stuff that the big four – Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint – get up to. But the thing is, even with T-Mobile’s un-carrier, anti-contract slant and the new installment payment plans for buying new devices, they can all end up being way past what your budget will allow. Fortunately, […]

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    HTC One M8 – is it a Winner? We Go Hands-on

    Sometimes, it’s all too easy to forget that the smartphone race has more than two horses. HTC is still trying to hang in there with Samsung and Apple, and to their credit, they’ve released some excellent, critically acclaimed phones that just haven’t quite taken off. Last year’s HTC One was a good example of that […]

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    T-Mobile, Now a Debit Card Company?

    T-Mobile bucked contracts. They started offering to pay off early termination fees. But, all that was in line with being a mobile carrier – or, the un-carrier, as they like to style themselves. Well, it turns out T-Mobile wants to give some more industries the ‘un-‘ treatment, and they’re starting off with personal finance.

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    T-Mobile LTE vs AT&T LTE – Which is Faster in NYC?

    We have been eager to test out T-Mobile’s LTE network ever since the carrier officially unleashed their new network last year. T-Mobile claims that their LTE network is actually faster than AT&T’s LTE network. But is it really? We tested T-Mobile’s LTE speeds using the Samsung LTE Mobile HotSpot PRO. With its built-in color display, […]

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    LG G Flex Smartphone Offers Curved OLED Goodness [Video]

    The era of the curved smartphone is upon us. Why? I’m not 100 percent sure, but it looks different! The LG G Flex is making its way to the United States, and besides being a curved smartphone – concave from top to bottom – it’s a flat-out impressive Android (4.2.2) device. It has a 6” […]

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    Check Out Our CES 2014 Survival Kit

    CES 2014 is just around the corner, and our coverage of the world’s biggest consumer electronics show starts this Sunday. But before heading out to deal with the throngs of tech loving crowds in Vegas, we’re going to share with you what is in our CES Survival kit this year – well, at least some […]

  • T-Mobile Unleashes Tablets at Tweet Conference

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    iPad Air Will Be Free at T-Mobile on November 1st

    T-Mobile had two big pieces of tablet news to announce yesterday, and it’s no coincidence that they both come on the heels of the iPad Air reveal. Even better, some of that news involves free data. Free data for life, in fact. Or, for however long T-Mobile keeps it up, I guess. Either way, it’s […]