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    These Lisa Frank Pajamas Will Have You Dreaming of Unicorns

    We’ve diligently covered the sudden Lisa Frank resurgence of the past couple years, which has seen an athleisure line, a coloring book, and the announcement of an upcoming movie. Target’s now doing their part by carrying the kind of comfy Lisa Frank pajama collection that neon dreams are made of. Right now, you can find […]

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    Missoni for Target Collection Includes Laptop Bag and Awesome Bike

    Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is starting here in New York, and this year we’re really excited about the upcoming Missoni for Target collection. For starters, because it’s a Target collaboration, it’s destined to be affordable. The collection is full of colorful zigzags and swirly patterns that totally have a mod vibe going for them.

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    iriver Story HD with Google eBooks Heads to Target

    The iriver Story HD originally made headlines because of its impressive high resolution six-inch XGA (768 x 1024) E-Ink display, which contains 63.8% person more pixel than most other e-readers. Now the slick e-reader is finally making its way to the U.S.A., where it will be sold exclusively at Target. In addition, the iriver Story […]

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    Target Offers Trade-In Service Towards Nintendo 3DS & iPad 2

    You would be silly not to try listing your old first generation iPad on Craigslist or eBay first, where you’d likely get more value for it. But if you’re content with getting some fast and easy cash value towards your new iPad 2 purchase, then Target is offering up the following values (listed below) for […]

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    Bionic Commando XBox 360 Review

    Based on the original Bionic Commando from Nintendo, Capcom decided to bring it back and give it a whirl with updated graphics and game play. Well they should have left it alone. The story starts with Nathan Spencer, the Bionic Commando being brought back into action by the same force that imprisoned him after he […]