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    Tesla is Going to Build the World’s Largest Lithium-Ion Battery in Australia By the End of the Year

    In 2015, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled his company’s plan to solve one of the biggest problems facing renewable energy — storage. Tesla Energy was created to produce large-scale lithium-ion batteries that can store energy generated by wind or solar for use during less windy and less sunny (or off-peak) times. It makes energy distribution more […]

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    Tesla is Now the Most Valuable United States Automaker

    They’re not profitable, they don’t always (or often) meet deadlines, and they don’t sell the most cars, but Tesla can now claim one superlative among car companies — they’re the most well-funded. As of today, they’re the most highly valued car United States car company at $50.84 billion, passing GM’s $50.79 billion. Given that Tesla doesn’t […]

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    Tesla Pumps the Brakes on Autopilot, Gears Up for Fully Autonomous Cars

    Tesla made a brief announcement about their current slate of electric vehicles last night, which seems to be something of a temporary step back from Tesla’s semi-autonomous Autopilot feature. Elon Musk announced that starting now, every Tesla vehicle produced will be equipped with the hardware necessary for fully autonomous driving, with the stipulation that Autopilot […]

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    Tesla Just Made Their Cars Autonomous with a $2500 Software Update

    Yeah, I get that there are a lot of amazing technologies at play in Tesla’s new autopilot feature, but come on — a world where we don’t have to be responsible for parallel parking? Imagine the time it would save those of us lacking in depth perception! It’s a brave new world of autonomous cars, […]

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    Tesla’s Model X is a Luxury CUV That Takes You Back to the Future

    Last night at Tesla’s Fremont production facility in California, CEO Elon Musk fully detailed the Model X, the long-awaited all-electric luxury crossover utility vehicle. While it’s out of most drivers’ price range, it’s a vehicle out to prove some points about what Tesla is capable of and what would be possible if Tesla would ever […]