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    Tesla Pumps the Brakes on Autopilot, Gears Up for Fully Autonomous Cars

    Tesla made a brief announcement about their current slate of electric vehicles last night, which seems to be something of a temporary step back from Tesla’s semi-autonomous Autopilot feature. Elon Musk announced that starting now, every Tesla vehicle produced will be equipped with the hardware necessary for fully autonomous driving, with the stipulation that Autopilot […]

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    Tesla Just Made Their Cars Autonomous with a $2500 Software Update

    Yeah, I get that there are a lot of amazing technologies at play in Tesla’s new autopilot feature, but come on — a world where we don’t have to be responsible for parallel parking? Imagine the time it would save those of us lacking in depth perception! It’s a brave new world of autonomous cars, […]

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    Tesla’s Model X is a Luxury CUV That Takes You Back to the Future

    Last night at Tesla’s Fremont production facility in California, CEO Elon Musk fully detailed the Model X, the long-awaited all-electric luxury crossover utility vehicle. While it’s out of most drivers’ price range, it’s a vehicle out to prove some points about what Tesla is capable of and what would be possible if Tesla would ever […]