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    6 Apps To Help You Catch Him In The Act

    If you suspect your man is cheating, but you don’t have hard evidence, it’s hard to confront him. You don’t need to be a professional spy to get your hands on the texts he is sending to other women; you just need to know about these 6 apps and grab your smartphone to help you […]

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    AMC Theaters Accepts Defeat, May Begin to Allow Texting in Some Theaters

    I regret that I have lived to see this day. After years of going to theaters and being rightly harangued before the movie to turn of my mobile phone, AMC is giving up and letting the bad guys win (and they say they’re in the movie business!). New AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron talked with Variety […]

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    Justin Bieber Speaks Out: Says No To Texting While Driving

    Like many celebrities, Justing Beiber has taken on a cause that is very near and dear to his heart. But it’s not quite what you would expect. Justin has teamed up with PhoneGuard to help promote their Drive Safe app. The mobile app disables texting and email while users are traveling in a car that […]

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    Key2SafeDriving Deactivates Texting and Phone Calls While Driving

    Soon one of the leading causes of accidents will not be drunk driving, but texting while driving. Key2SafeDriving is hopefully a solution that helps stop this widespread problem. Currently available for the BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian cellphones, Key2SafeDriving uses software and a plug-and-forget Activator that installs in your car without needing a wrench or […]