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    25 Gifts for The Little Mermaid Lover

    You don’t have to live under the sea to appreciate all of the awesome mermaid gifts the internet has to offer! From mermaid tail blankets to mermaid bath bombs and everything in between, we guarantee we have something in here that you and the fellow Little Mermaid lovers in your life are sure to adore! […]

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    ABC is Producing a Live TV Musical for The Little Mermaid

    We’re in the middle of a spate of live-action remakes of Disney classics, but their next big thing might already be on the horizon. Reports surfaced this week that ABC, which is owned by Disney, is joining in on the live musical fun with The Little Mermaid, a production scheduled to air on October 3. That’s […]

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    25 The Little Mermaid Essentials for Wannabe Princesses

    Keep it quirky, ethereal and demure like Ariel with these 25 mermaid-themed fashion pieces and accessories. Sure, Ursula might send Flotsam and Jetsam to come take all of your new mermaid swag, but it is totally worth the struggle to look this cute! Soon you will be singing away in pride like Ariel, “Look at […]

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    One of the Many Live Action Little Mermaids Got a Trailer

    So, the thing about The Little Mermaid is, as a classic fairy tale, pretty much anyone can make a movie based on it — Disney doesn’t own the Brothers Grimm like they do everything else (I’m sure they would if they could). That’s led to an increasingly odd situation, where by my count, we have four live […]