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    Pogoplug Video Review

    Just watch the clouds go by. We all want our own personal cloud don’t we? With Pogoplug Video you can have just that. Not the white fluffy kind, but the Amazon, Apple juggernaut kind. Pogoplug Video allows you to make everything on your hard drive available and accessible anywhere you like. Feel like going on […]

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    How To Celebrate World Backup Day 2011

    Today is officially World Backup Day, which means two things. 1. We’re one day away from April Fool’s Day. 2. There really is a day for EVERYTHING. That said, there is a serious lesson to be learned from World Backup Day and that is that you should always have a backup system (or two) in […]

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    Dolly Drive Brings Time Machine to the Cloud

    Set to debut at MacWorld this week, Dolly Drive is a new online backup solution that takes Time Machine backups and stores them in the cloud. That means that Mac users can access their Time Machine backups from wherever they are, even if they don’t have their hard drive with them that contains the Time […]