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    Buffalo Dualie Hard Drive And iPhone Dock Review

    The Dualie, by Buffalo, is a fabulous desktop companion for anyone with an Apple iPhone or iPod. Essentially, it’s a stylish stand that mounts an included 500GB Portable Hard Drive as well as your iPhone or iPod for charging and syncing. With the Dualie, you just need one cable to connect both devices to your […]

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    Dolly Drive Brings Time Machine to the Cloud

    Set to debut at MacWorld this week, Dolly Drive is a new online backup solution that takes Time Machine backups and stores them in the cloud. That means that Mac users can access their Time Machine backups from wherever they are, even if they don’t have their hard drive with them that contains the Time […]

  • Seagate GoFlex Home Gives Time Capsule a Run for Its Money

    Hot on the heels of their new GoFlex family of hard drives, Seagate has released their new GoFlex Home network storage system. This device connects to a wireless router so that everyone in your home can easily access files and also backup their files wirelessly and continuously, whether they’re a Mac or a PC. Yes, […]