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    Your Nose Will Thank You For this Toilet Seat

    Love dropping a deuce, but terrified of certain “awful after-effects?” Your sulfuric fumes can linger in the bathroom for minutes, making family and friends gag in horror. Even worse, those noxious odors can waft into the rest of house, wreaking havoc on your loved ones. There’s got to be a better way! Presenting Fresh Air […]

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    Hello Kitty RoboMop is the Bastard Child of Swiffer and iRobot

    Poor Hello Kitty, just about everything has her image or name on it. I’m sure we will soon find a Hello Kitty toilet plunger one day. But till that exciting moment happens we have the Hello Kitty RoboMop. Not exactly iRobot’s Roomba or the Swiffer. No this is some weird mutation of them both. Instead […]