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    Fashion and Tech Converge on Barbie’s Photo Fashion Doll

    Barbie’s leaving fashion in the hands of the people now. In the same vein as the Barbie Video Girl Doll, Barbie’s Photo Fashion Doll doubles as a digital camera, with Barbie’s t-shirt acting as the display. Kids can use Barbie to snap a picture to create a new T-shirt design, or pick one of the […]

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    LEGO 2012 Picture Tour: Batman, Avengers, Jabba the Hut, and Hobbits!

    LEGO is about to have an even more amazing year! So if you weren’t already addicted to those Danish building blocks and their accompanying Minifigs, then you are about to get sucked in, because LEGO has gone where no bricks have gone before. For starters, for 2012 LEGO is re-imagining the classic monster stories of […]

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    Aracataca Magic Pencils and Crayons are for Giants

    Today at Toy Fair we saw a gigantic, non-functional, Magic Crayon…and we fell in love. Aracataca, a Columbian design company, produces a few different oversized writing instrument thats sole purpose is to look awesome and create the illusion that it’s going right through a large item like a toaster, filing cabinet, or table. The products […]

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    Hello Kitty Heads Off to College

    Good News! Hello Kitty might soon be enrolling in your very own alma matter. Plushland is about to release their super soft and cuddly Hello Kitty lineup, each themed for its very own university. Upon launch, The Collegiate Collection of Hello Kitty plush dolls will be available in over 100 of America’s most popular schools. […]

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    Mr. Potato Head Gears Up For Batman Dark Knight Rises

    Mr. Potato Head is gearing up with his bat suit for this summer’s release of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Mr. Potato Head will be fighting crime in Gotham and he features his “mix and match” components, just like the real batman. He comes complete with the batarang, utility belt, mask, suit, cape, and maybe […]

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    iBuKu Pets are Huggable Cases for iPhone and iPod Touch

    iPhones and iPod Touches can offer children (and adults) unlimited, safe, and educational entertainment. There is really no age barrier to being able to use an iPhone or iPod Touch. Even one year olds have been known to take advantage of some of the simpler apps. Here inlays the fundamental problem: young children are accident-prone. […]

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    Lapiluv Turns Your Chest Into an Entertainment Center

    Technology can be as isolating as it can be social. Today, there’s a real danger in kids not getting enough face time with parents, with everyone locked into their own gadgets. The makers of Lapiluv have designed a pretty clever solution that merges gadget playtime and bonding time with mother and child almost effortlessly.

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    Kurio7 is a Kid’s Android Tablet, That Isn’t Underpowered

    At Toy Fair this week, tablets designed for kids seem to be popping up everywhere. Amongst this slew of new tablets is the Kurio from Techno Source, AKA “The Children’s Tablet”. This 7 inch tablet is running on the Android OS, but Techno Source USA has developed a special kid friendly user interface for it. […]

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    TeeGee Comes to Life with iPhone or iPod Touch

    Interactive toys and stuffed animals have been entertaining, teaching, and inspiring children for years now. They’re great companions as they are safe, fun, and educational. The soon-to-be-released TeeGee has taken interactive (stuffed) friends to a new level by harnessing the power of iOS. With an iPhone or iPod Touch powering TeeGee, the stuffed animal comes […]

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    Hands-On with the LAZER TAG Blaster (2012)

    Do you remember LAZER TAG?? Well this classic game is being re-imagined for 2012 by Hasbro. Introduced at Toy Fair, this latest twist on LAZER TAG involves an awesome piece of plastic artillery and your iPhone / iPod Touch. In order to bring your game to life you will need to download the augmented reality […]