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    Hands-On with the LAZER TAG Blaster (2012)

    Do you remember LAZER TAG?? Well this classic game is being re-imagined for 2012 by Hasbro. Introduced at Toy Fair, this latest twist on LAZER TAG involves an awesome piece of plastic artillery and your iPhone / iPod Touch. In order to bring your game to life you will need to download the augmented reality […]

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    We Open the Doors to Barbie’s Pink Dream Closet

    What better way to kick-off not only Toy Fair 2012, but also Fashion Week in New York City, then by Barbie unveiling her Dream Closet. Because if anyone knows fashion well, it’s Barbie, and she took the time out at Fashion Week to let fashionistas inside her 9,000 square feet of closet space. Inside the closet, […]

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    Awkward Family Photos Gets Even More Awkward with Puzzles

    What’s the best way to capture the magic of Awkward Family Photos? With the most awkward family time activity, of course! Now, the whole family can get together to piece together awkward pictures of other people’s families in high jigsaw fashion. You won’t feel weird about that at all, right?

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    Groovio Will Have Newborns and Preschoolers Getting Their Groove On

    iPod docks aren’t usually considered children’s toys, but we’ll have to make an exception for the Nuvo Groovio. The Groovio is an infant friendly set of speakers that lets kids rock out to parent-selected tunes in a safe way. The Groovio is an iPod dock, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at it – the iPod […]

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    Radiate Skateboard is the Disco Ball of Skateboards

    If you want to get noticed while shredding, the Radiate Skateboard is probably the least subtle way to do it. The bottom of the board is dotted with 48 LED lights of various colors that create a funky light trail behind the rider.