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    8 of the Geekiest Super Bowl Movie Trailers from Sunday’s Game

    Super Bowl Sunday is maybe the second best time of the year for trailer frenzy (that whole San Diego Comic-con thing is hard to top). So, which movies got millions of dollars sent after millions and millions more dollars to get the big game treatment? Here’s eight with a sort of geeky slant. Well, seven. […]

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    Forget the Commercials, These 6 Movie Trailers Debuted At Super Bowl

    Unless you’re a defense aficionado, Super Bowl L between the Panthers and Broncos was probably a bore-fest for you. The league’s two best defenses did what they’ve been doing all year, which sadly doesn’t make for good TV for a lot of us. Fortunately, the game wasn’t the only show in town. As always, plenty […]

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    The First Trailer for Next Summer’s Warcraft Movie Has Dropped

    Blizzard has long been known, among other things, for its hype-generating trailers. Today’s trailer marks new territory for the developer — it’s the first one for a live-action feature film based on one of their franchises. And, while it might not have the ‘Hell, it’s about time’ punch of the Starcraft 2 teaser back in […]