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    Angelina Jolie Looks Deliciously Evil as Maleficent Doll

    Disney’s Maleficent doesn’t hit theaters until late May, but that hasn’t stopped the movie merchandise machine from getting a jump start. The new movie will tell the untold story of Disney’s most deliciously evil villain. And timed to the release of Disney’s Maleficent in theaters, JAKKS Pacific is releasing a beautiful 11.5 inch Maleficent Doll […]

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    Entrepreneur Barbie is This Generation’s Startup Barbie

    After 150 plus careers, Barbie has finally decided to start a business of her own. Which is why Mattel introduced Barbie Entrepreneur doll at Toy Fair today. This new Barbie is sticking it to the man by becoming her own boss this time around. And boy, is this Barbie dressed for success! Always ready for […]

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    5 iPhone 6 Rumors Worth Talking About

    As always, it’s never too early to talk about the next iPhone. The iPhone 5S came out, I don’t know, last week or something, but it doesn’t matter, because we’re all about the future here. And, the future might just hold some pretty interesting things for the increasingly static iPhone. Here are five rumors swirling […]

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    Star Wars Goes Haute Couture at New York Fashion Week

    We’re talking Star Wars fashion today, but forget the bargain bin T-shirts. This isn’t some common merchandise throwaway – this is high Star Wars fashion. These are definitely the dresses you’re looking for. To start off with, everything from this collection of Star Wars-themed Rodarte dresses from designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy are from the […]

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    Date a Geek: James Lamdin of analog/shift

    Due to the controversial popularity of our How to Date a Geek Girl and How to Date a Geek Guy guides, we have introduced a special column featuring real life single geeks. This week, we have interviewed our colleague James Lamdin of analog/shift. Tell us a bit about yourself (age, hometown, what you do for a living)? I was […]