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    V-Moda True Blood MAKER Headphones Arrive in Time for the Finale

    With True Blood’s season coming to a close this Sunday, it is only appropriate that V-MODA launches something juicy to celebrate. After all, they are the company behind the True Blood headphones launch this year. So today they have announced a limited edition series of the True Blood Headphones called MAKER.  Only 400 units will […]

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    V-Moda for True Blood REVAMP In-Ear Headphones Review

    V-Moda for True Blood REVAMP are low-profile in-ear headphones that exude that True Blood sexiness – much like the V-Moda True Blood V-80 On Ear Headphones do, and just about all the V-Moda audio products. If you are familiar with the V-Moda Vibrato and Remix Remote – the REVAMP could be considered the offspring of […]

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    V-MODA for True Blood Headphones Will Make Your Ears Bleed

    Get ready to sink your teeth into something delicious True Blood fans. V-MODA and HBO have partnered on  special pairs of V-MODA for True Blood headphones and ear buds. The V-MODA for True Blood collection will contain six different models of ear buds and headphones and will also feature a whole new look,