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    ‘NSYNC Wants You Back: Band Joins Twitter Ahead of MTV VMAs

    We hope Brooklyn doesn’t blow up tomorrow! Between the dueling pop-divas Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, and everything in between, we’re not sure that the borough can handle all of this pop-culture drama. The Barclays Center might also get another surprise in the form of an ‘NSYNC reunion. But are you ready to have your […]

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    Don’t Become a Verified by Twitter Victim

    Everyone wants to be verified by Twitter. It is almost a rite of passage to achieve that ubiquitous blue check mark. It means you have arrived in the social media world – so much so that Twitter can bestow upon you an icon that will guarantee a boost in your ego, and perhaps a few […]

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    The Tweet Mug is Worth Tweeting About

    Good news – now you can really get your days off to a flying start. With the Tweet Mug, you can have your fill of caffeine to get your morning started before going online and tweeting about how you got your fill of caffeine to get your morning started.

  • Win the Karotz Smart Internet Rabbit for Easter!

    We have been eyeing the adorable Karotz for years – ever since it was first announced! In a world of Smart devices, the Karotz makes for one adorable Smart Rabbit Robotic companion. In particular, Karotz claims to be the world’s first intelligent internet companion. However, Karotz is actually a descendant of the Nabaztag internet-connected rabbits […]

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    Molly Bot Turns Your Retweets into Sweets

    Here is one gadget that is tweeter than sweet! Molly is a little robot that turns your retweets into sweets! Designed to sit on your desk along side your computer while you work, Molly will push out a candy every time you reach the amount of retweets that you have set. It’s like being rewarded […]

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    Twitter Introduces Censorship Policy on Country-By-Country Basis

    On Thursday, Twitter announced on its blog that it will begin a new censorship policy that works on a country-by-country basis. Content that breaks laws, such as pro-Nazi material in Germany or perceived slights against the king in Thailand, will be censored specifically in those countries – the rest of the world will still have […]

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    Twitter Redesigns AGAIN! Now Cleaner and More Polished Interface

    Yesterday, Twitter began to roll out its new interface, which promises to be cleaner, faster, and easier to use for novice users. The bulk of the redesign, though, is mainly for the sake of businesses and advertising, as Twitter looks to become profitable in the future.

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    Ashton Kutcher Twitter Account Will Now Be Handled by a Doppelgänger

    Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter account, which was arguably becoming more famous than Kutcher himself, is set to become a lot less popular. Kutcher will hand over responsibility for the account to his production company, Katalyst Media, in the wake of a furor over a tweet in response to Penn State’s firing of coach Joe Paterno, who […]

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    Can’t Figure Out What to Tweet? There is a Book for That

    Social networking – a way for you to have your unique voice heard among your friends and the world at large. It is possibly the most important development  in self-expression on a mass scale ever. We’ve never been able to show off our individuality and ideas quite like this – it’s amazing.

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    U.K. Considers Blocking Twitter and BBM During London Riots

    It seems that the rioters in London, have been actively using BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) to communicate with one another. Now, the U.K. prime minister, David Cameron, is considering blocking popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook – along with popular messaging services like BBM, in order to help curb the communication between rioters. Cameron says […]

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    Move Over Lady Gaga, Rihanna is the New Queen of Facebook

    Within the last hour or so, Rihanna has successfully pushed Lady Gaga off of her thrown as the queen of Facebook. Rihanna has now managed to edge past Gaga with a growing fan base of about 100,000 fans per day. Currently both stars have around 40.5 million fans. There is only one person who stands […]

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    Israel Uses Facebook to Ban Activists from Entering the Country

    This past week Israeli authorities have banned over 130 pro-Palestinian activists from entering the country. But perhaps the most interesting part of this story is that Israeli authorities actually took to Facebook and Twitter to help determine who these activists were. A black list of 340 protesters were compiled based on public data that can […]

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    Celebrity Hall of Shame: Celebs Who Got Tripped Up By Technology

    Technology has widened our lives in so many ways, adding a string of unusual words to our vocabulary and, and forcing dictionary makers to shake their heads in woe at the inclusion of terms such as ‘poking’ and W00t!’ to their beloved tomes. Not everyone has the best experience with this centuries newly developed love […]

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    Rymble Gadget Brings Facebook and Twitter to the Real World

    Rymble is a crazy new gadget concept that wants to bring social networks into the real world. Rymble is actually an object that is connected to multiple social networks like Twitter and Facebook, essentially merging the real and the virtual worlds. The device works like a “social compass”, but instead of pointing North, South, East […]