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    Move Over Bin Laden, Lady Gaga Drops Her Song list On Twitter

    If Twitter gets the ‘Fail Whale’ permanently beached on its site today, it would be no surprise. Between the news of Bin Laden’s death yesterday and now the announcement of the song list to Lady Gaga’s new album debuting on Twitter at the moment. Its servers must be sweating bullets to keep up with all […]

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    Ten Simple Twitter Tools to Make you a Super Tweeter

    Twitter is a fabulous way of reaching out to people and gaining access to information from all over the globe. You can now peer inside celebrities minds (even if it is just nonsensical rants at times..) and catch up on what politicians are getting involved in. On a more personal level, you can use it […]

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    Lindsay Lohan Getting Therapy in Rehab for Twitter Addiction

    Not all that long ago we discussed what methods Lindsay could use in order to stay on top of her social media accounts while in prison, after all, the girl is known for being passionate about Twitter and social media in general. Now it turns out that while undergoing rehab at the Betty Ford Center, […]

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    Puppy Tweets Review

    Puppy Tweets is the essential pet gadget for any geeky pet owner who wants to share the wonderful world of Twitter with their favorite furry pal. In particular my dog is very tech savvy – she has her own computer, briefly took over the site back in April, and can be found modeling for some of […]

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    Can Governments Rightfully Issue a Facebook Ban?

    As connecting worldwide and sharing information becomes easier through tools like smartphones and social networking sites, many governments that have traditionally been able to squash the flow of information are faced with new problems in controlling it. Rather than allowing innovation to take its course, many governments are choosing to ban the tools that make […]

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    Bad Girls Club Miami Takes Twitter and Facebook by Storm

    When I walked into the OxygenLive TV premier of “Bad Girls Club Miami,” I was expecting cat fights and cocktails. Instead, I got live tweeters, the new cast of Bad Girls Club Miami, and the baddest Bad Girls Tanisha and Flo from Bad Girls Season 4 and 5 respectively all glued to their computer screens. […]

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    Hershey Gardens Unveils World’s First Twitter Birdhouse

    The folks over at Hershey Gardens in Pennsylvania recently had an epiphany – despite all the Twitter fans out there, there is no actual Twitter-themed birdhouse in existence. Or at least there wasn’t. They’ve went ahead and built the world’s first Twitter-themed birdhouse that is designed to be displayed at Hershey Gardens. There is a […]

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    New Kodak Picture Kiosks Help You Share and Print

    Kodak is a company looking towards the future of picture sharing. Introducing a new line of products that focuses on accessing and sharing photos through social networks and e-mail, Kodak products are moving away from the old way of sharing pictures and videos and into a new realm.

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    Qwitter Premium Services Revealed along with Qwitter Therapy

    Earlier this week it was announced that the defunct Qwitter had been resurrected from the dead and purchased by Houston-based business group Agora Technology. For those not familiar with Qwitter,  it’s a free service that lets users sign up with their email address and Twitter name to receive an email anytime somebody stops following them […]

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    Hands on with Puppy Tweets, Mattel’s Twitter Dog Collar

    Puppy Tweets a new “toy” from Mattel that is about to transform Twitter as we know it. The device attaches to your dog’s collar and monitor’s his physical activity throughout the day. Each time it detects new activity, or on the otherhand – it detects laziness, the device will send out a tweet from your […]

  • POKEN Pulse Social Networking Gadget Aims to Replace Business Cards

    POKEN is a cute little gadget designed to make sharing your social networking contact details a lot easier. In essence, POKEN is really a modern day version of the business card. Just hold 2 of them together and you’ll be connected through all of the social networks you already use such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn […]

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    Bill Gates Joins Twitter and is Following Ashley Tisdale?!

    Well it looks like Bill Gates will now be subjected to Lady Gaga trends, the fail whale, and follow friday because 12 hours ago he finally joined Twitter! His first tweet was “”Hello World.” Hard at work on my foundation letter – publishing on 1/25.” This may just be a jovial way of Bill saying […]

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    Brizzly Fixes Everything You Hate About Twitter

    If you know me personally, then you know that I’m a huge Twitter addict, but I have to admit that some of Twitter’s usability is a little lacking. 140 characters limits long-winded-self-promoters to just a few words, which prompts the use of shortened URLS for the maximum tweetage. But with the use of shortened links, […]

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    Brickhouse Security Knows a Good Tweet When it Sees One

    At Brickhouse Security’s Headquarters in New York City, aside from the regular offices and cubes that you would expect to see it at a dot com company, there is a special area dedicated to all things Twitter. The company has set up several computers manned by interns whose sole purpose is to constantly monitor people’s […]