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    The Hot Lawsuit of 2018 Suddenly Ends With Uber Agreeing to Pay Waymo a $245 Million Settlement

    It was around this time last year that Waymo brought legal action against Uber, alleging that a former Waymo employee had stolen autonomous driving technology and provided it to Uber. Over the year, the story got progressively mesmerizing, including revelations of Uber having elaborate corporate espionage programs and Judge William Alsup growing increasingly irritated at […]

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    The Year in Tech: The Big Get Bigger and Machines Get Smarter

    Looking back, 2017 seems like a momentous year for tech. But, if it is, it’s only because of the even more dramatic effects we could see in the years to come because of what happened this year. A lot of the tech stories we saw this year could completely transform society in the years to […]

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    Uber’s Bad Year Just Got Worse Thanks to a Hacking Cover-up

    Coming into 2017, Uber was an unstoppable juggernaut that looked poised to dominate ride-hailing today and maybe even autonomous driving tomorrow. Well, 2017 is almost over, and while Uber hasn’t run out of gas, it’s had quite a few holes punched in the tank. Let’s add one more! Today, news broke that Uber covered up […]

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    Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi Will be the New CEO of Uber

    After a long series of wrong turns dating back to the company’s founding for all we know, Uber is finally ready to get back on the right path. The Uber board of directors convinced former CEO Travis Kalanick to resign in June after a deluge of bad press, including the revelation of a sexist company culture, […]

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    Uber Finally Relents, Allows for In-app Tipping

    Remember in April when we said that Uber may roll out a tipping feature this year? Change that may into a will. Starting today, Uber is adding the feature to a handful of markets, and plans to have in-app tipping globally available by the end of July. Starting today, voluntary tipping will be added to […]

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    Uber is Planning to Have Flying Taxis By 2020

    It hasn’t been a good year for Uber. The ride sharing company has been hit by revelations of a toxic corporate culture and a lawsuit from Waymo over stolen technology. But, through it all, Uber is still looking upwards. This week, Uber Chief Product Officer Jeff Holden said that Uber plans to have flying cars […]

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    Uber May Add a Tipping Feature Later This Year

    Since the beginning, Uber has been opposed to allowing tipping using their app. But, a proposed rule change in New York by the Taxi and Limousine Commission could force Uber to change that policy as soon as this year. Unlike competing contractor taxi company Lyft, Uber does not allow tipping through the use of their […]

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    Whether You Like It Or Not, Self-driving Ubers Are Coming This Year

    Sounds like autonomous cars are coming sooner than we thought. This week, Volvo and Uber announced that they have formed a multi-million dollar partnership that will see Uber start to amass a fleet of autonomous cars by purchasing them from Volvo. And, believe it or not, they’re going to be on the road as soon as […]

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    Uber Drivers to Get 1 GB of Free Data from AT&T

    Today, AT&T has announced a partnership with Uber that aims to make their network the most attractive for Uber drivers. AT&T will provide 1 GB of free data to drivers signed up for the Uber Momentum rewards program through AT&T Work, while offering discounts on monthly plans. AT&T Work is a platform that allows employees […]

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    WhosDrivingYou Wants Your Uber Complaints, But Who is Behind WhosDrivingYou?

    First off, regardless of who’s behind the site, it’s good that there’s pushback against Uber, one of the most problematic startups in recent memory. WhosDrivingYou rails against the ridesharing service as, more or less, a public menace—a service where drivers aren’t properly insured or vetted, and where potential customers are subject to euphemistic ‘surge pricing,’ […]