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    Whether You Like It Or Not, Self-driving Ubers Are Coming This Year

    Sounds like autonomous cars are coming sooner than we thought. This week, Volvo and Uber announced that they have formed a multi-million dollar partnership that will see Uber start to amass a fleet of autonomous cars by purchasing them from Volvo. And, believe it or not, they’re going to be on the road as soon as […]

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    Uber Drivers to Get 1 GB of Free Data from AT&T

    Today, AT&T has announced a partnership with Uber that aims to make their network the most attractive for Uber drivers. AT&T will provide 1 GB of free data to drivers signed up for the Uber Momentum rewards program through AT&T Work, while offering discounts on monthly plans. AT&T Work is a platform that allows employees […]

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    WhosDrivingYou Wants Your Uber Complaints, But Who is Behind WhosDrivingYou?

    First off, regardless of who’s behind the site, it’s good that there’s pushback against Uber, one of the most problematic startups in recent memory. WhosDrivingYou rails against the ridesharing service as, more or less, a public menace—a service where drivers aren’t properly insured or vetted, and where potential customers are subject to euphemistic ‘surge pricing,’ […]