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    25 Gifts To Get Him For Valentines Day

    Here it is again, Valentine’s Day — the holiday most men believe was created by the greeting card and drugstore cartel. We dread this “holiday,” not because we don’t like to be romantic, but mainly because of the pressure we feel to purchase that perfect gift. We also know you’re expecting stale drugstore chocolates as […]

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    Chipolo Makes Lost and Found Trackers Romantic

    The Bluetooth lost and found track got a makeover at CES 2016, with companies like Wistiki and Chipolo making chic trackers that double as lifesavers for the forgetful among us. The little devices that buzz and ring out when you (and your smartphone) get out of range of one of your essentials (keys, wallet, etc) […]

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    Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2015

    If you, like me, have managed to deftly avoid being in a relationship for Valentine’s Day, congratulations! Relax and enjoy your February. Everyone else probably should have gotten cracking on finding a Valentine’s Day gift at least two weeks ago, but I’m guessing that hasn’t happened more often than not. And, while the incredible dispatch […]

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    It’s Not Too Late to Buy Her an Edible Chocolate iPhone Case

    Ok, well actually it is probably too late. But that hasn’t stopped this company from announcing that they now are offering the world’s finest Chocolate iPhone Case. This case is made from solid, dark chocolate and promises to be, well – delicious of course! Grove, a designer of handcrafted wooden tech accessories has teamed up […]

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    10 Valentine’s Day Gifts to Score With

    The pressure’s not on just yet. But, this Valentine’s Day, we’d all probably do well to avoid the last minute gifts. Because, if we’re being honest, those don’t fool anybody. Of course, starting earlier doesn’t make shopping for the perfect gift for your favorite person any easier. There are tons of gifts out there to […]

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    Singing (Justin) Beaver Doll Delivers the Love

    Stuffed animals are always a popular gift for Valentine’s Day, especially singing ones. But this latest one from the Cuddle Barn collection has really captured our attention. That is because the (Justin) Beaver plush is an adorable Beaver tapping out Bieber’s hit song “Baby”. After all, could anything else say I love you better than a dancing […]

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    Top 10 Gadgety Gifts for Valentine’s Day + Giveaway!!!

    Valentine’s Day is nigh, and that means one thing – the pressure’s on! It’s time for significant others to show off their gift-giving chops on the big stage of the Valentine’s Day date. After all, nothing says “You know me” like a well-chosen gift you know your better half will love. So, guys, should you […]

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    Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2011

    Valentine’s Day. The holiday of chocolates, flowers, jewelry and…oh, right, love. Well, love might still remain a constant, but the first three probably haven’t been in the highest demand for a few years (or decades). Tech makes the world go round these days, so if you want to impress your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day (or […]

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    Go on a Speed Date Via Skype with Skypecandy

    Yes, Valentine’s day is just right around the corner and companies are pulling out all the stops to create new and exciting techie ways to either date, or atleast attempt to not be alone that day. Skyecandy is a new speed dating application that will be launching on Valentines’s Day via Skype. Skyecandy matches members […]