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    Worst Week Ever for VTech As 5 Million Toys Get Hacked

    According to reports last week from Motherboard and the BBC, a security flaw exposing sensitive information, including pictures of children and chat logs between parents and children, could potentially affect millions of VTech users. The flaw was discovered by a concerned hacker who passed along their findings to Motherboard, and the subsequent reports have prompted […]

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    Kidizoom is the First Smart Watch For Kids

    It’s strange — it still feels like we’re in this space where smart watches haven’t quite become a thing — perhaps because they by and large haven’t turned out to be standalone devices. Well, some of the ambiguity is gone, now — if there are kids versions coming out, then it’s safe to say the […]

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    VTech Retro Phone Makes Landlines Hip Again (Review)

    The landline; remember that discarded piece of telephone equipment? Sadly though because it has no apps, lacks a camera, and it certainly can’t fit in your pocket, no one wants it anymore. It has become yet another piece of technology that is slowly headed for the garbage dump.

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    VTech LS6375 Two Handset Cordless Answering System Review

    Cordless phones are not obsolete just yet. Over the past ten years cordless phones have seen a lot of upgrades and new useful features. VTech has beautifully integrated almost all of these new features into a very attractive, and affordable, package. The Vtech LS6375 is a two handset bundle that includes one of VTech’s Cordless […]

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    VTech Debuts Tablet for Kids – the InnoPad

    Last year VTech proved that they were ahead of the curve for debuting the Vtech Flip aka VTech Reader which was the first of its kind – a dedicated eReader for kids. So we’re not surprised at all that they would attempt to make a tablet for kids too! The new InnoPad features a 5” […]