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    Bloom Necklace Transforms Shine into Wearable Jewerly

    Misfit is a company that goes for fashion first when creating wearable tech. They started with Shine, a fitness and sleep tracker in the form of an elegant disc that can be worn in several different ways. Thing is, while the Shine itself looked the part, the watch bands and necklaces were pretty pedestrian. That […]

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    Fitbit Force Review: Is it the Smartest Fitness Watch?

    Fitbit is continuing their dominance in the fitness tracker arena with their latest entry, the Fitbit Force. This is a natural evolution for the brand that started with a simple clip tracker that was the Fitbit Ultra, which was then followed up with the very popular Fitbit One. Fitbit then proceeded to dip its toe deeper […]

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    Vybe Bracelet Alerts You of Incoming Calls

    Rejecting calls is now just a tap away, without even having to fish out your phone. Vybe is looking for funding, and if they get it, they’ll be shipping out Bluetooth bracelets that can let you control basic phone functions from your wrist.