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    Western Digital My Passport SSD Review

    Remember when fast external hard drives were bulky, heavy, and required a power adapter? We sure do, and those memories are still painful to this day. Fortunately, the Western Digital My Passport SSD changes all of that by offering plenty of speedy storage in a tiny form factor. We’re talking about claims of transfer speeds up to […]

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    Western Digital Gives Their External Hard Drives a Fun, Colorful Makeover

    Western Digital has long been making some of our favorite external hard drives, but we have to admit their design looks a little boring. You may ask why an external drive needs to look cool, which is fair, although we would offer “why not?” in response. Doesn’t matter which side of the debate you fall […]

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    SanDisk Shows Off the World’s First 1TB SD Card

    Western Digital has unveiled the world’s first 1TB SDXC card at Photokina 2016. Remember when a 64MB SD card seemed gigantic? Well SanDisk unveiled the world’s first 64MB SD card in 2000. And back at Photokina 2014, they unveiled the 512GB SanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Memory Card. And if you’re wondering why anyone would […]

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    Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro External Hard Drive Review

    Western Digital is following up their mobile My Passport Wireless drive with the My Passport Wireless Pro, a lightweight portable drive that is lighter, faster, and available in larger capacities with greater battery life. Thanks to an SD card slot, the drive promises to be a great companion for mobile photographers who need to back […]

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    WD My Cloud Review – Personal Cloud Storage Made Easy

    Just about everyone these days uses some Cloud storage service, such as SkyDrive or DropBox, etc. Unfortunately these services are limited to a just few gigs, unless you pony up for a subscription plan. So while free cloud storage plans are great for some basic picture and document backup, if you want access to all […]

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    WD My Cloud Will Replace Your Dropbox Account

    Could a personal cloud compete with public services like Dropbox and Google Drive? That might just be the case with WD’s My Cloud line of drives, which offer huge amounts of storage for the price of a regular external hard drive. And yes, you’ll be able to access your files from anywhere. That certainly sounds […]