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    Beauty Bargains To Help You Beat The Winter Woes

    Winter, winter, go away! Come back never, ok? Seriously, my skin gets dried up and gross, my hair is frizzy from being inside hats and wrapped in scarves, and I’m spending basically every day in New York freezing my butt off. Winter truly is woe. What’s a girl to do? Check out some of my […]

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    25 Insanely Geeky Gloves and Gauntlets to Brave Winter With

    We can call them fingerless gloves, I guess, but that’s nowhere near geeky enough for us — we’ll go with gauntlets! Either way, they’re practical winter wear for geeks who need their fingers to do geeky things like play video games, read comics, and use their phones. We found 25 that will keep you warm […]

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    Boot Up Your Winter With These 24 Geeky Boots

    The best thing about fall and winter dawning yet again is not Pumpkin Spice Lattes — it’s boots. We just adore boots. They make every outfit look like winter magic! We found a whole closet’s worth of geeky boots that will keep both your toes and your inner geek warm through the cold months. TARDIS Boots […]

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    Music Muffs Are Headphones Disguised as Earmuffs

    For some of us, Spring has started.  We might even start going outside voluntarily! But, not all of us are so fortunate. If you’re stuck in parts where winter weather is going to keep chugging along at least until April, the need for winter gear endures. Good thing we stumbled across these warm earmuff headphones, […]

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    Forget Snowmen, Freezing Pants Are The Newest Winter Storm Trend

    In what’s either humorous commentary on the extreme northern cold or anguished cry for help after that Vikings loss a couple weeks ago, some people in Minnesota are sticking frozen clothes out in their yards. It’s art either way. If you look at the pictures, there’s actually kind of a surreal horror movie vibe to […]

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    11 Haute Pieces of Gear for Surviving the Cold Weather

    Spring – what’s that? It’s still pretty cold out. You probably already know that, because you’ve been made to shovel snow or de-ice your windshield or any number of enjoyable traditional winter activities. But, here in the middle of winter, we worry. We worry that you’re not properly equipped for these trying times. What we’re […]

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    6 Ways to Dress Geeky in Snowmageddon

    The Polar Vortex has come and gone, but this winter still has plenty of life (or anti-life) left in it. Snows are still falling, sometimes in places where they shouldn’t be, and it’s anyone’s guess when they’re going to let up. The take-home message is that you still have time to buy winter gear, and […]

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    Agloves are Afforable Gloves for iPad, iPhone and and Other Touchscreen Devices

    We’ve covered all sorts of iPhone friendly gloves over the years – including everything from Dots Gloves, Echo Gloves, to the TouchTec’s luxury leather gloves. Now yet another company has joined the market for touchscreen gloves. Agloves has created touchscreen friendly gloves by knitting silver yarn through out their entire glove. They chose silver (Ag) […]

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    Coca-Cola Bear MP3 Player Both Plays and Dances to Music

    There is a snow storm going on around us in the North East, so if there was ever an aproriate to talk about an MP3 playing Coca-Cola bear, it would be now. The Coca-Cola Bear MP3 isn’t just a huggable plush, it’s also an MP3 player and a dancing bear! Play some tunes and this […]

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    Sanyo Unleashes Affordable Xacti Feature Rich HD Camcorders

    Today Sanyo unveiled a whole slew of new Xacti HD camcorders, all of which are priced very competitively and are sporting a well rounded feature set. Some of the new Xacti cameras are surprisingly sporting a more traditional horizontal camcorder form factor, which is a deviation from the Xacti’s previous vertical models. However some of […]

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    OCD Now Available in the Color Pink

    Growing up I lived in a home with a mother who was OCD. So not only did I have to wash my hands 30 times a day before and after I did anything, regardless if it was dirty or not, I also wasn’t allowed to touch things in public with my bare hands. By the […]