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    Gunning for it: Are Women with Guns Fantasy Figures or Empowered?

    It’s hard to know where to start assigning blame for the popularization of women in gun culture. Do we say it’s when Tomb Raider was first launched in 1996 (which then spawned Angelina Jolie in booty shorts clutching two pistols with deadly abandon) or should we move further back in time to Sarah Connor’s kick […]

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    Women Only Parking Lot in China is Pink and Has Cartoons

    Remember those pink taxi cabs in Mexico City? Well a parking lot exclusively for women drivers will open early next year at a shopping center in China. The women’s parking lot will be located underneath the Wanxiang Tiancheng shopping center and will offer wider parking spaces especially designed for female drivers. Local Chinese insurance companies […]

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    Top Five Women Who Impacted Technology in 2009

    “There is a revolution. It’s a human and technological revolution. It’s motion and emotion. It’s information. It’s visual. It’s musical. It’s sensorial. It’s conceptual. It’s universal. It’s beyond words and numbers. It’s happening. The natural progression of science and art finding each other to better touch and define the human experience. There is a revolution […]