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    An All-Woman Marvel Superhero Movie? Here’s How It Could Happen!

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe has delivered some pretty solid movies over the past decade, but that impressive length of time is starting to draw attention to the glaring lack of women in leading superhero roles. We’ve had Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts, and Elizabeth Olson as the Scarlet Witch, all […]

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    11 Cities for Women in Tech and Why They Are So Great

    If you think Washington is only busy with people creating scandals and gladiators (hello Olivia Pope!), well, you would be wrong. It is also full of awesome women working in tech. For the second year in a row, the nation’s capital nabbed the top spot in SmartAsset’s top cities for women in tech, followed by Kansas […]

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    The U.S. Gets Its First Female Cruise Ship Captain, What Took So Long?

    It’s 2015. Women have been in space, they’ve been the CEOs of major tech companies, they’ve served in the military, but somehow, not a single one from the United States has captained a cruise ship until now. Celebrity Cruises announced today that next month, 37-year-old Kate McCue will take over as captain of the Celebrity […]

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    Does #YesAllWomen Matter?

    There are no shortage of important discussions that need to take place after the mass shooting in Santa Barbara last week. One of those discussions has been taking place on Twitter over the past week, with the growth of the #YesAllWomen hashtag.

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    Esurance’s “Offline Over-Sharer” Beatrice is My Real-Life Mom

    Have you seen the Esurance commercials with Beatrice, the “offline over-sharer?” To save time, Beatrice tells her friends she’s posting her photos to her wall – literally. When her friend tries to tell her that’s not how it’s done, she proudly proclaims “I unfriend you.” That’s my mom. No really, that’s my mom – IRL. […]

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    Indian Women Arming Themselves with a Ladies Only Gun

    Last year, for whatever reason, the media powers that be decided that they would put India’s staggering sexual violence problem front and center. Rapes and, in general, discrimination against women, have arguably always plagued India. It’s a shame it took this long for the problem to be brought to the fore, but it’s here. The […]

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    In Defense of MommyTech – You Guys Missed the Point

    My “get a life” award for International CES goes to VentureBeat and Re/code. With thousands of new products launched — many of them for the connected home and kids market, the authors chose to focus on the name “MommyTech” – a name coined to spotlight the growing interest in building well designed products for the […]

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    How Tech Companies Poorly Market to Women: Part 2

    Women make up a large percentage of technology purchases, (and around 70% of all consumer spending) but advertisers seem to have decided to ignore this statistic and continue to create condescending and sexist adverts that suggest we are all Barbie toting pink glitter bombs, waiting to exhale sparkles onto everything we breathe. Sure, there exists […]

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    What DO Women Want – From Their Smartphones?

    For years companies have asked us what women want from their gadgets, and often that question is directed at smartphones in particular. One of our token answers has been that women prefer a color selection in their smartphones. It turns out that most of our answers have been right on target. We recently spoke to […]

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    L’Oréal to Honor Women in Digital Beauty Technologies

    L’Oréal is looking for up and coming women in the fields of technology and beauty through their Next Generation Awards. Five female  CEOs of tech start-ups dedicated to beauty will be chosen, and will receive recognition, good press, and, more importantly, access to venture capital firms and business mentorship.

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    This Earth Day Replace your Pads with a GladRag

    When Earth Day comes around every year, everyone tries to conserve in one way or another, perhaps by not leaving the lights on in a room, or by washing dishes instead of throwing out multiple Dixie plates. Well what about tossing out the Always when its that time of the month, and instead replacing it […]

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    Female Only Facebook: Do We Need a Girls Only Social Network?

    Facebook has risen in popularity over the last few years and many people wouldn’t be able to function without it, as checking their news feed has become a vital and enjoyable part of their day. It allows you to connect with your friends around the world, check on the news and laugh at photos from […]

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    Seven Top Ladies In Tech Over 50

    At Chip Chick we like to pay a lot of attention to the up and coming companies in technology, the exciting new startups and the hot new apps on the block. These tend to be the products that get a lot of media buzz and hype, but we think it’s’ also important to pay attention […]