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    Intel Inspires Young Women to Change the World

    Last week the world celebrated International Women’s Day and this past weekend, the Women in the World Summit took place in New York City. The summit offers the opportunity for women from around the world to get together and discuss the importance of educating girls throughout every corner of the earth, and what it takes […]

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    Gunning for it: Are Women with Guns Fantasy Figures or Empowered?

    It’s hard to know where to start assigning blame for the popularization of women in gun culture. Do we say it’s when Tomb Raider was first launched in 1996 (which then spawned Angelina Jolie in booty shorts clutching two pistols with deadly abandon) or should we move further back in time to Sarah Connor’s kick […]

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    Bring the Women of the World To Your iPad With New Fotopedia App

    If you aren’t familiar with Fotopedia, then you are missing out because they design some of the most beautiful pictorial apps on the market for iOS devices. Their latest one is a personal fav, that features as its subject the strong women that make up various cultures around the globe.  The app allows you to […]

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    According to New Study, Women are Taking Over the World

    Faith Popcorn (born Faith Plotkin) has been issuing predictions about the future based on current trends for a few years now – something important, given she’s in the business of marketing. As a futurist, though, those predictions usually end up going well past what is useful for marketing purposes. Futurism is the science (pseudo-science?) of […]

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    Face Slimmer Mouthpiece Will Make You Look Like a Cartoon

    Wow… it just doesn’t get any better than this now does it! The Face Slimmer Mouth Exercise Mouthpiece is a new Japanese gadget that if used correctly, will make your face tight and firm without the need of Botox injections or going under the knife. We are talking about movie star quality looks here without […]

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    Women Buy More Hot Gadgets Than Men

    We have been saying it for years, and now we have proof. According to recent research prepared by Parks Associates for HSN, women are more likely to purchase “hot” tech products than men. That includes everything from LCD TVs, to tablets, to laptops and smartphones. It turns out that women tend to engage in digital […]

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    Wonder Woman Has Lassoed NBC with its Pilot

    It has been talked about for years. Joss Whedon was at one point kicking the idea around to turn Wonder Woman into a movie, and then there was rumors of a TV series… All in all, the constant chatter of re-booting Wonder Woman has been an ongoing discussion that has finally come to an end […]

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    LadiesLoop is a Craigslist for Women

    Don’t feel safe using Craigslist ladies? LadiesLoop is the female version of Craigslist that was designed with the safety of women in mind.  LadiesLoop.com caters to exchanges between women such as selling kids’ goods, clothes, handbags, housing and footwear. However one section is missing and that is the personal’s section.  Because of the Craigslist killer, […]

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    The Top 13 Women Who Impacted Technology in 2010

    2010 has been an interesting year in terms of technology. We’ve seen tablets become an everyday part of living (though we’re still not sure of their purpose), 3D viewing advance dramatically, and augmented reality took off, thanks to the rise of compatible mobile applications. Alongside these tangible products, there has been much advancement in the […]

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    40% of All Video Gamers are Women

    The ESRB has just released a bunch of updated stats on the state of the video game industry in 2010. The new stats reveal that 40% of gamers are women, and that the average age of a gamer is 34. We’re not surprised that 40% of gamers are women, but we are  a bit surprised […]

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    Geek Squad Summer Academy Offers Young Women a Chance to Geek Out

    Geek Squad Summer Academy is a multi-day summer camp where kids get hands-on opportunities to learn about technology along side with Geek Squad Agents. Now in its 4th year, the idea for a Geek Squad Summer Academy originated from one female Geek Squad Agent, Moira Hardek, who wanted to encourage more young women to be […]

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    Best Buy Discovers That Women Buy Lots of Gadgets

    We thought it was old news by now that women are big shoppers, especially and potentially when it comes to electronics. But apparently, it’s only recently that Best Buy realized that so many women like to buy gadgets! It turns out that women spend about 85% of the disposable income in the U.S. According to […]