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    Top 9 Inspiring Women of 2012

    Women have been making serious waves in 2012, in fields of science, design and music. It seems that every year, the scope of what the female of the species can do just pushes the boundaries a little further, and in honor of the many impressive ladies on our radar, we wanted to highlight a few […]

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    Seven Top Ladies In Tech Over 50

    At Chip Chick we like to pay a lot of attention to the up and coming companies in technology, the exciting new startups and the hot new apps on the block. These tend to be the products that get a lot of media buzz and hype, but we think it’s’ also important to pay attention […]

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    The Top 10 Women Who Impacted Technology in 2011

    December is a time for reflection, for celebration and for making and breaking resolutions. It’s also time for us to look back at the last year in technology land and marvel at how far we’ve come. EReaders are now mainstream, we lost a marvelous brain with Steve Jobs passing and we’ve seen Windows 7 offer […]