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    The Xbox Team is Starting Up Their Own News Show

    Everyone’s jonesing for that original content these days! It’s almost all Netflix does anymore, Amazon and Hulu are building up their libraries, and even Facebook is — well, they’re trying, anyway. So, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that the next quasi-player is the Xbox team. This week, Microsoft announced Inside Xbox, a streaming show about upcoming […]

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    Seagate’s Xbox Game Drive Gets Tweaked for Xbox Game Pass

    Now that Xbox Game Pass is here, Seagate thinks you might need a bit more storage. A subscription service that covers some Xbox 360 and Xbox One games under one monthly fee, Game Pass might get gamers to install a lot more games on their consoles than before, so Seagate might have a point. They’re […]

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    Win the Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle for Valentine’s Day!

    Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean getting that special someone chocolate or flowers. Instead, that loved geeky guy or girl in your life would likely be much happier with an Xbox One S console! We’re giving away the Xbox One S Minecraft edition bundleXbox One S Minecraft edition bundle. This bundle comes with a built-in […]

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    Xbox Games Will Be Available for PC Starting September 13

    Back in February, the Xbox team held a press event where they talked about the future of the Xbox One — a future that involves Windows 10 much more than we had previously imagined. Xbox One now runs on Windows 10, but at that event, Xbox head Phil Spencer revealed Microsoft’s intent to make the PC […]

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    E3 2014: Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

    In the era of the yearly release cycle, it’s rarely the Halos, the Calls of Duty, or the Maddens that get remembered come E3. Fortunately, gaming’s week in the sun still has plenty of offbeat moments that keep the show fresh. Weird doesn’t always mean good (usually does, though), but hey, it’s a lot more […]

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    Xbox One…Now Without Kinect!

    It sounds like the inverse of the kind of sales pitch Microsoft wants to make, but there it is. For all the people who didn’t really want a tiny camera watching their every move when Xboxing it up, the Xbox One will soon be available without the Kinect. The best part is that Microsoft isn’t […]