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    The YouTube App Now Has Its Own Messaging Service

    Seems like if you have an app, adding a messaging feature is now just a matter of course. How else to explain YouTube’s latest feature — an in-app messenger that supports sharing of videos in 1-on-1 or group chats. Google had been testing the feature in a handful of markets around the world, and is now […]

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    Netflix is the Top Streaming Service by Leaps and Bounds

    Netflix has been getting a lot of competition lately. Amazon has been producing their own original series for years now, with Hulu and YouTube jumping into the fray more recently. Even Snap and Facebook are getting in on the action! Too bad they’ve got a long way to go — the latest numbers indicate Netflix is […]

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    YouTube Releases an App Optimized for Slow Internet Connections

    With many of the affluent markets already saturated with tech, greater and greater attention is being paid to lower-income markets. Already this year, we’ve seen an affordable new Nokia phone for emerging markets and Amazon Cash, a service that makes it easier to shop on Amazon without having a debit or credit card. Today, it’s […]

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    YouTube TV is a Streaming TV Service with Unlimited Cloud DVR

    YouTube is becoming ThemTube. The video hosting site that first got big featuring random videos from random people is now getting into pay TV thanks to the cord-cutting trend. Announced today, YouTube TV is a streaming television service that will include over 40 channels for $35 per month, plus unlimited cloud DVR. It looks like […]

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    Mom Uses YouTube to Build a House for Her Family of Four

    If you want an example of technology making possible something that was unthinkable only a few decades ago, look no further. A couple of weeks, word got out of a pretty triumphant story out of Arkansas — a mother and her four kids building their own home. The house was more than just a passion project. […]

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    YouTube Connect App Aims to Take on Periscope

    These are trying times for YouTube. While the emergence of YouTube personalities and Let’s Players has thrust the site into the center of internet culture, their core business is being eroded by live streaming competitors — Twitch on desktop, and Periscope, Snapchat, and Facebook on mobile. The surprising part is that this has all happened […]

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    HTC Brings YouTube Livestreaming to their RE Camera

    The HTC RE, the periscope-like action cam, is getting a major upgrade in functionality—starting tomorrow, Android users will be able to livestream video from the RE to their YouTube channel. The Android version of the app will be getting an update including the new livestreaming functionality, which should go live on Google Play tomorrow. Using […]

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    With Vusay, Pop Up Videos Go Social

    You remember VH1’s Pop Up Videos, right? Little trivia tidbits, innuendos and factoids popped up on screen in little balloons. Well, Vusay is heading towards socializing that process. Their website lets you take any YouTube video and post a running dialog of commentary alongside the video—now everyone is a potential Pop Up creator! The young […]

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    Behold, the Pocketable YouTube Projector

    How do you carry 120″ in your pocket? With the Philips PicoPix PPX 3610 Projector you can. This portable projector is not only unique because its small, but despite its petite proportions, it’s capable of projecting up to 120 inches at an 854×480 resolution at 100 lumens. It even has Wifi and DLNA for streaming content off […]

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    Coming Out Videos Bring Student Debt Crisis to the Forefront

    Alright, student debt. I’m sure you’ve heard about and/or experienced this problem by now. And it’s an insane one. Somehow, in the last few decades, our society came to the conclusion that charging students in their late teens and early twenties – students who, by and large, have next to no money (often true of […]

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    YouTube Shower Curtain Just Avoids Sharing Too Much

    Tired of fishing for fifteen minutes of fame on YouTube? Don’t blame you – tough crowd over there. Try taking your show back to its origins – the shower. With the YouTube Shower Curtain, you can claim what’s rightfully yours – the shower singing crown.

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    D-Link Takes on Roku and Apple TV with Movienite Plus

    Whether it’s Western Digital, Apple, or Roku, everyone is trying to get in on the streaming entertainment box action, and now D-Link has joined the fray with their new DSM-21 Movienite Plus. The Movienite Plus comes with Vudu, Netflix, Pandora, Picasa, YouTube, Hulu Plus, and Amazon, all read to stream out of the box. Plus, […]

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    Celebrity Hall of Shame: Celebs Who Got Tripped Up By Technology

    Technology has widened our lives in so many ways, adding a string of unusual words to our vocabulary and, and forcing dictionary makers to shake their heads in woe at the inclusion of terms such as ‘poking’ and W00t!’ to their beloved tomes. Not everyone has the best experience with this centuries newly developed love […]