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  • Epson Setup Complete

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    Epson Cinema Home 3500 Home Theater Projector Review

    Summer is in full swing and you want to throw an amazing outdoor viewing party — this is the natural domain of the projector. We’ve looked at quite a few pico projectors, but while the convenience of pocket-size portability is nice, you’ll be hard-pressed to satisfy a crowd, especially as you get to bigger screen […]

  • AntennaListings

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    Xbox One Over-the-Air TV Tuner Review

    When the Xbox One first launched in 2013, there was talk of the console being able to integrate with your over-the-air TV tuner. A year and a half later, the Xbox One’s software has been updated for watching over-the-air broadcasts. So, cable cutters rejoice! The Xbox One is now the ultimate media center for your […]

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    New Trailer for the Other Steve Jobs Movie Released

    Now that we’re doing biopics of people who are still alive, I guess we have to expect the dearly departed will really get their stories done to death. Not four years on from Steve Jobs’ passing, we have one biopic, another to be released within the year, and at least two biographies, one authorized and […]

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    Sharp Brings Android TV to Its New Line of 4k Televisions

    After Sony launched their first Android TV-based smart televisions at CES, we hadn’t heard much about Google’s latest crack at a smart TV operating system. But, today we’re officially getting another adopter, as Sharp starts shipping out two new lines of 4k LED Android TVs. Android TV — based on Android 5.0 Lollipop, the latest […]

  • marge-and-homer-simpson-on-a-motorcycle


    Are Homer and Marge Simpson Really Breaking Up?

    I’d put up a spoiler warning, but this has been so widely reported and the showrunners have been so frank about it, I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to be a secret. The beginning of season 27 will be the end of Homer and Marge Simpsons’ marriage — for a time. In an interview with […]

  • DSC01405

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    VidOn Box is an Android XBMC Media Center – Review

    There’s so many options for cutting down on your cable bill and adding a media center to your television. Most notably, there’s Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast. There’s an interesting new contender on the market: the $69 VidOn Box. While VidOn can do a lot of the same things, it is a […]

  • TWC-Logo-Perot


    Dark Ritual Interrupted; Unholy Merger of Time Warner and Comcast Killed

    Someone high up in corporate must have run out of chicken bones or rat tails, because the bad customer service singularity that would have been the Time Warner/Comcast merged entity (working name Jörmungandr, the World-Eater) has officially been killed. After the FCC and the Justice Department increased scrutiny of the proposed deal that would have […]

  • RiverSongSpoilers

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    Google Aims to Rid the Internet of Spoilers

    I don’t think I’m spoiling anything by saying that Google knows pretty much everything you do on the internet unless you’re (really) actively trying to prevent that from happening. Funny enough, that last bit is something Google would rather you not do, so they’ve devised a pretty cool idea to convince you to keep sharing […]

  • Saumsung

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    Samsung’s 2015 SUHD TVs Pack in Nano-Crystals

    Samsung’s new line of SUHD TVs were the centerpiece of the company’s showing at CES earlier this year. At the Spring Launch event, Samsung announced pricing and availability details for its first production run of those new wonder televisions. Meant to be Samsung’s flagship line of televisions (the ‘S’ being the same as the one […]

  • DSC00829

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    Amazon Fire TV Stick Review

    Slowly but surely Amazon is shipping the coveted Amazon Fire TV stick. What’s all the commotion about? Well, for starters, it’s one of the easiest and most affordable ways to hook your TV up to hundreds of thousands of TV shows and movies, millions of songs, and even hundreds of games. It can easily replace […]

  • IMG_0541

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    Sling TV Really is Cable TV for Millennials – Review

    For a lot of people desperately trying to get away from the cable cabal, Sling TV might just prove to be the silver bullet they’ve been looking for. The new service promises to stream some of the most popular cable network channels live over a Wi-Fi or data connection to smart TVs and set top […]

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    Sony Drops New 4K TV That’s Thinner Than Your Phone

    Which phone? I don’t think it matters. I don’t think any phone is thinner than 4.9 mm. That’s how thick the XBR X900C TV is, one of the many new 4K TVs Sony unveiled for 2015 at CES. The X900C is the attention-grabber of the bunch, with a frame so thin it’s kind of hard […]

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    Samsung Goes All-Out With Luxury TV Designed By Yves Behar

    Let it not be said that Samsung spares any expense when it comes to CES. This year, they trotted out the S9W, an 82″ TV and part of Samsung’s new premium SUHD line of televisions. The SUHD line is riding to battle on the back of vastly improved color performance and contrast, the S9W has […]

  • s4


    Watch Samsung’s 105″ SUHD TV Bend at CES 2015

    Samsung announced three new series of brand new SUHD TVs at CES 2015—JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500—that use Samsung’s own nano-crystal technology along with a 4K resolution display. This new dazzling line is available in nine screen sizes from 48″ to 88″. Samsung’s nano-crystal technology is really quite interesting. It is a semiconductor that transmits various colors of […]

  • snap1

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    Qualcomm Bringing 4K to Mobile Devices in 2015 with Snapdragon 810 SoC

    Qualcomm’s Snapdragon microchips have become nearly ubiquitous in high-end Android and Windows smartphones. They’re the power behind the throne in Samsung, Sony, Nokia, LG, HTC, Nexus, and Amazon smartphones, and can be found in some pretty impressive tablets. So, when Qualcomm announces a brand new member of the Snapdragon family, it’s worth sitting up and […]