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    Sling TV Really is Cable TV for Millennials – Review

    For a lot of people desperately trying to get away from the cable cabal, Sling TV might just prove to be the silver bullet they’ve been looking for. The new service promises to stream some of the most popular cable network channels live over a Wi-Fi or data connection to smart TVs and set top […]

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    Sony Drops New 4K TV That’s Thinner Than Your Phone

    Which phone? I don’t think it matters. I don’t think any phone is thinner than 4.9 mm. That’s how thick the XBR X900C TV is, one of the many new 4K TVs Sony unveiled for 2015 at CES. The X900C is the attention-grabber of the bunch, with a frame so thin it’s kind of hard […]

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    Samsung Goes All-Out With Luxury TV Designed By Yves Behar

    Let it not be said that Samsung spares any expense when it comes to CES. This year, they trotted out the S9W, an 82″ TV and part of Samsung’s new premium SUHD line of televisions. The SUHD line is riding to battle on the back of vastly improved color performance and contrast, the S9W has […]

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    Watch Samsung’s 105″ SUHD TV Bend at CES 2015

    Samsung announced three new series of brand new SUHD TVs at CES 2015—JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500—that use Samsung’s own nano-crystal technology along with a 4K resolution display. This new dazzling line is available in nine screen sizes from 48″ to 88″. Samsung’s nano-crystal technology is really quite interesting. It is a semiconductor that transmits various colors of […]

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    Qualcomm Bringing 4K to Mobile Devices in 2015 with Snapdragon 810 SoC

    Qualcomm’s Snapdragon microchips have become nearly ubiquitous in high-end Android and Windows smartphones. They’re the power behind the throne in Samsung, Sony, Nokia, LG, HTC, Nexus, and Amazon smartphones, and can be found in some pretty impressive tablets. So, when Qualcomm announces a brand new member of the Snapdragon family, it’s worth sitting up and […]

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    4K Ultra HD Content Lands at Amazon Prime Instant Video

    Amazon announced today that they’re rolling out the first 4K content to hit their streaming service, Amazon Prime Instant Video. In addition to TV shows, including the whole slate of Amazon Original Series, a short list of movies from Sony Pictures Entertainment will also be available for streaming—just don’t get your hopes up about watching […]

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    Amazon Fire TV Stick Now the Size of a Flash Drive and Only $19!

    Amazon has taken their own set-top box, the Fire TV, and shrunk it down to the size of the Chromecast. Not only does the Fire TV Stick do more than the Chromecast, it does so at a price comparable to Google’s offering—and even cheaper, if you’re an Amazon Prime member. The Fire TV Stick, like […]

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    Xbox One Adds Plex, NHL Apps

    A couple new apps are headed to the Xbox One this week, including Plex, a dashboard that organizes and spruces up your personal media library. Plex organizes all of your digital media files on your disparate storage devices, then grabs images and information to pair with your movies, music, and TV shows. It’s pretty much […]

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    Eclipse Antenna Brings Back Free TV Channels to the Masses

    Analog television is dead, but television antennas sure aren’t. Anyone with a modern television can grab an antenna and still pick up network television the good old fashioned, free way. If it means less money going to cable companies, that has to be a good thing, right? One such antenna is the Eclipse from Antennas […]

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    PGA Championship TV App Coming to Samsung Smart TV

    The sports media might still be rooting around in the rough for ways to make golf interesting without resorting to Tiger Woods, but Samsung’s already gotten ahead of the curve. Get ready for all the explosive golf action you can handle, because the PGA Championship TV App is coming to Samsung Smart TVs. Unsurprisingly, you’ll […]

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    Seagate Central Gets Its Own Roku Channel

    Here is some good news for Seagate Central users – Seagate now has its own dedicated channel on Roku that you can use to stream your content conveniently. If you have Seagate Central personal cloud storage or Seagate Wireless Plus, you can connect your device wirelessly to a Roku box and access all of your content […]

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    LeapFrog LeapTV is a Game Console for Kids

    LeapFrog is taking their stable of kid-friendly apps and games to the world of video games with LeapTV, a new video game console designed for children from three to eight years old. As with LeapFrog’s other devices, LeapTV will be a way to access their Learning Library, a collection of cartridges, downloads, and videos full […]

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    BeoVision Avant is a Luxury 4K TV with Tricks

    A lot of times, there’s not much more to say about a 4k television other than that the picture quality is really pretty because it has a lot of pixels. But, the new BeoVision Avant TV from Bang & Olufsen throws in a few curveballs that make it one of the more intriguing 4k prospects […]