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    How to Transform Your TV Into a PC for Just $160

    The PC stick movement is a deceptively simple one — you get a cheap, tiny PC the size of a flash drive that can turn TVs into computers, but then the hidden costs and challenges crop up. First you need to find a mouse and keyboard for the thing, then you need to worry about […]

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    Asus Chromebit CS10 is the First Stick PC to Run Chrome OS

    Putting Chrome OS on a stick PC is tricky — Chromebooks have carved out a nice niche in the notebook market by being noticeably cheaper, compensating for the limits to usefulness, like not being able to run third party programs. The new Asus Chromebit CS10, announced by Asus and Google in March, is still cheaper […]

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    AT&T is Selling the Samsung View for Just $100, But There’s a Catch

    We’ve seen large tablets before, but nothing quite like this — Samsung is now selling their Galaxy View, an 18.4″ 1080p entertainment tablet with a built-in app interface that resembles what you’d see on a smart TV. The philosophy behind the design — that television watching is moving away from television and towards streaming platforms […]

  • The Cast of the fan made Star Trek Continues


    CBS Orders New Star Trek Series

    Granted, it might just be CBS that wants to live long and prosper — with traditional network television at risk from streaming services like Netflix, CBS is trying to strike streaming gold with CBS All Access, and they’ve wasted no time in announcing their presumptive hit show. Despite the premiere being over a year away, […]

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    LEGO Star Wars Droid Tales Finale Airs Tonight on Disney XD

    What’s the fastest way to get up to speed on the previous two trilogies in time for Star Wars: The Force Awakens this December? Well, aside from a Wikipedia jaunt, it’s probably by watching Lego Star Wars Droid Tales, a miniseries that’s been airing on Disney XD semi-regularly since July. Ironically enough, the brief series […]

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    Savant Reinvents the Universal Remote for the Smart Home Era

    Universal remotes look a lot different in the smart TV era — take the Savant Remote, which brings together controls for set top boxes, connected speaker systems, and even smart lighting in one dedicated device. It might just beat using all the different apps you usually have to juggle. The Savant Remote is shaped like […]

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    5 Things From Google’s Press Conference We’re Excited About

    Google had one of their many days in the sun today, announcing new devices and software updates that should keep us busy in the year to come. And, while there’s nothing earth-shattering here, there are a lot of little tweaks and improvements (and some disappointments) worth checking out if you’re locked in to the Android […]

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    Microsoft Wireless All-in-One Media Keyboard Review

    Ever want to get a little more portable with your mouse and keyboard? The new Microsoft Wireless All-in-One Media Keyboard is a very handy and comfortable addition to your living room couch, conference room, or even your desk. The All-in-One Media keyboard is full size keyboard complete with a multi-touch trackpad and media controls. It’s […]

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    Sony’s 4k Televisions Now Support HDR Content, But What Does That Mean?

    Warning: marketing speak ahead. But, once we hack through that forest, there just might be something to Sony’s claims that even more of their lineup of 4k televisions now support high dynamic range (HDR) video. Sony first started talking about HDR video in April, when it was reported that their 75″ flagship 4k X940C television […]

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    AT&T Will Pay DirecTV Subscribers To Switch To Their Wireless Service

    Another week, another push from AT&T to get more DirecTV customers into the fold. Now that AT&T’s acquisition of DirecTV has been given the green light, the telecom provider is keen on getting as many customers as possible coming to them for TV, wireless, and internet service. Their latest push is directed at DirecTV subscribers […]

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    Epson Cinema Home 3500 Home Theater Projector Review

    Summer is in full swing and you want to throw an amazing outdoor viewing party — this is the natural domain of the projector. We’ve looked at quite a few pico projectors, but while the convenience of pocket-size portability is nice, you’ll be hard-pressed to satisfy a crowd, especially as you get to bigger screen […]

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    Xbox One Over-the-Air TV Tuner Review

    When the Xbox One first launched in 2013, there was talk of the console being able to integrate with your over-the-air TV tuner. A year and a half later, the Xbox One’s software has been updated for watching over-the-air broadcasts. So, cable cutters rejoice! The Xbox One is now the ultimate media center for your […]

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    New Trailer for the Other Steve Jobs Movie Released

    Now that we’re doing biopics of people who are still alive, I guess we have to expect the dearly departed will really get their stories done to death. Not four years on from Steve Jobs’ passing, we have one biopic, another to be released within the year, and at least two biographies, one authorized and […]

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    Sharp Brings Android TV to Its New Line of 4k Televisions

    After Sony launched their first Android TV-based smart televisions at CES, we hadn’t heard much about Google’s latest crack at a smart TV operating system. But, today we’re officially getting another adopter, as Sharp starts shipping out two new lines of 4k LED Android TVs. Android TV — based on Android 5.0 Lollipop, the latest […]

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    Are Homer and Marge Simpson Really Breaking Up?

    I’d put up a spoiler warning, but this has been so widely reported and the showrunners have been so frank about it, I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to be a secret. The beginning of season 27 will be the end of Homer and Marge Simpsons’ marriage — for a time. In an interview with […]

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    VidOn Box is an Android XBMC Media Center – Review

    There’s so many options for cutting down on your cable bill and adding a media center to your television. Most notably, there’s Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast. There’s an interesting new contender on the market: the $69 VidOn Box. While VidOn can do a lot of the same things, it is a […]

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    Dark Ritual Interrupted; Unholy Merger of Time Warner and Comcast Killed

    Someone high up in corporate must have run out of chicken bones or rat tails, because the bad customer service singularity that would have been the Time Warner/Comcast merged entity (working name Jörmungandr, the World-Eater) has officially been killed. After the FCC and the Justice Department increased scrutiny of the proposed deal that would have […]