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    Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard Review

    If you’ve ever needed a keyboard and/or mouse in your entertainment room, then you’ve just stumbled upon the single greatest accessory: the Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard. This keyboard/trackpad combo is much more than meets the eye. The combo device is capable of extreme customization that will fit every single A/V need. In no time, you […]

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    Amazon Fire TV Review: Perfect for Media Streaming Virgins

    The much rumored media streamer from Amazon has finally arrived. On the outside, the Fire TV has been designed with minimalist lines in a compact black box that measures just 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 0.7” and weighs a little under 10 oz. The app line-up for the Fire TV at launch is pretty impressive too. […]

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    Samsung Drops Curved UHD TVs This Month, Partners with Fox for UHD Content

    Samsung’s cavalcade of 4k UHD televisions, last seen at CES, are a little bit closer to being seen in your living room. Today, Samsung made an announcement about their new line of televisions, revealing new pricing and availability details. The centerpiece of that CES showcase, the curved 105” UHD TV, is unfortunately still bereft of […]

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    Dolby Vision Will Make 4K TV Even Better

    When you think Dolby, you probably think about audio technology, but it looks like you might want to revise that. Dolby is making headway into the 4k content arena with Dolby Vision, an imaging technology that will affect how content is both created and viewed. Specifically, Dolby Vision will provide enhanced brightness, colors, and contrast […]

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    New Apple TV Launch Imminent

    Apple is promising great things in 2014 (then again, when do they not?), and it looks an awful lot like one of them will be a brand new Apple TV according to the keen eyes at 9to5Mac. Their constant monitoring of Apple’s website has borne fruit – Apple TV, which was normally listed in the […]

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    Behold, the Pocketable YouTube Projector

    How do you carry 120″ in your pocket? With the Philips PicoPix PPX 3610 Projector you can. This portable projector is not only unique because its small, but despite its petite proportions, it’s capable of projecting up to 120 inches at an 854×480 resolution at 100 lumens. It even has Wifi and DLNA for streaming content off […]

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    CES 2014: 13 Game Changing Innovations

    Celebration of the new year isn’t complete without CES. Every year, the industry flocks to Las Vegas to show off the hottest gadgets and trends in tech for the months to come, and they tend not to disappoint. Well, maybe some do. But, it’s a big show, and there’s a lot of tech to sift […]

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    Hands on with Sony’s Flagship 85″ Sony 4K TV

    CES 2013 saw the introduction of 4K televisions, with prices as massive as sizes. But, what was still a bit of a high-priced novelty last year has become more grounded in reality during CES 2014. This looks like it will be the year where 4K television hits the mainstream, with more than a few companies […]

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    Samsung Booth TV Tour: CES 2014

    Samsung has lots to show off here at CES, as per tradition. We took a tour of the booth and have highlighted a few of the key new TV products and concepts. Curved TVs: Curved TVs are the big trend here at CES. It’s nice to see that Samsung already has a bunch on the […]

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    Pioneer’s Latest BD/DVD/CD Burner is Also a Picture Frame!

    I’m not sure how many of you actually need or will ever use a CD/DVD/Blu-ray burner in this day and age, but you’ll always need a picture frame, so the Pioneer BDR-XS05 has that going for it, at least. The BDR-XS05 is indeed an external CD/DVD/Blu-ray burner. It’s slot loaded, and can be placed horizontally […]

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    Samsung Smart Media Player Transforms Old TVs into Smart TVs

    If you somehow don’t have Samsung Smart TVs in every room of your house, it’s OK! Samsung has you covered anyway. They’re coming out with their own set-top box to make your old TVs smart. The biggest advantage of the Samsung Smart Media Player is that it can actually replace your cable box, which cable […]

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    Hello Kitty LED TV Goes Peekaboo, Doubles as Monitor

      Smart TVs? Who needs ’em? We’ve progressed past that point. We’re on to Hello Kitty TVs – the future is now. Yes, Hello Kitty has her own new television set. It’s more or less your standard flat-panel LCD monitor, just with Hello Kitty’s face watching you as you watch TV. Not that she’s judging you, […]

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    $9k Samsung Curved OLED TV Packs in Multi-View Splitscreen Feature

    Well, we started out with convex television screens, and that was nice for a while. Then we went to flat screens. So, it’s only natural that the next step is concave screens, right? That’s where we are with the Samsung KN55S9C, a 55” curved OLED television. If you’re not familiar, know that OLED is very […]

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    Samsung Rolls Out the Drool-Worthy Line of F9000 Ultra HD TVs

    Samsung is rounding out its slate of Ultra HDTVs in the United States with the upcoming release of the F9000 line, which will include 55” and 65” sets. The F9000 televisions include Samsung Smart TV with Samsung’s new Smart Hub, which is coming standard with just about all of Samsung’s major television offerings now. These […]

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    Discovering Smart View on the Samsung LED F8000 Smart TV

    New for 2013, Samsung has redesigned the Smart TV experience on their Smart TVs and it’s better then ever before. We recently spent some hands-on time with Samsung’s flagship Samsung LED F8000 Smart TV. Have you ever dreamt of taking your TV with you around your house? Well, now you can, with Samsung Smart View. […]