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    Adventure Time Gets Brickified into a Lego Set

    Lego, recognizing that their fans are really, really creative and really, really good at building stuff, set up Lego Ideas years ago. The site is a place for anyone to post their own submissions for sets they’d like to see, some of which Lego has actually made into reality. Today, we’re learning that we’ve got […]

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    Disney’s Cinderella Castle is Now a LEGO Set

    When Lego revealed that this year’s minifigure collection was going to be full of Disney characters, we should have seen this coming. Perhaps we were scared to get our hopes up. But no, it’s real, and it’s shipping out this September — Lego has created a fully detailed set for the Disney Castle found in Disney […]



    NASA’s Juno Space Probe is Being Manned by Three Lego Minifigs

    Today, NASA announced that their Juno space probe had successfully started orbiting Jupiter, in the culmination of a journey that started five years ago. The probe will get much closer to the gas giant than we’ve ever been before, allowing NASA scientists to better understand both the planet and its many moons. We were also […]

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    Wonder Woman Gets Another New Action Figure

    Since late last year, DC and Mattel have been running an animated web series on YouTube called DC Super Hero Girls. It hews to a pretty tried and true formula — take a bunch of famous characters, turn them into high school students, and tell simple coming of age stories — but it’s a lot of fun […]

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    Former NASA Engineer Builds the World’s Largest Nerf Gun

    Mark Rober is a man of many talents. The former NASA engineer worked on getting the Mars Curiosity Rover to the red planet. From what it looks like, he’s now trying to build a Nerf gun that can land darts on Mars — his latest creation is the largest Nerf gun on Earth, and yes, it […]

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    Funko Is Going Gold With These Awesome Golden Girls Figurines

    It’s all going right for fans of The Golden Girls this week. First we heard about an official Golden Girls cafe on its way to New York later this year, and now we’ve got Funko giving all four best friends the Pop! treatment. We wouldn’t be surprised if these figurines ended up in that cafe, either. In August, […]

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    The ’60s Volkswagen Beetle is Now a Brickified LEGO Car

    This counts when playing Slugbug, right? Lego’s line of auto models has really become something to admire lately, with some impressive and very well-designed sets hitting shelves (like the Technic Porsche and a Mini Cooper). If you were into those, better set aside another chunk of cash for this August — the latest auto set is […]

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    Loot Crate May 2016 Review and Coupon Code

    POWER was Loot Crate’s May theme and whether it refers to strength, will or even knowledge, this Loot Crate has all the stuff you need to make you unstoppable. This is what we found in our May crate: Hulk Q-fig – This is an adorable figurine with amazing details and a cartoonish style. Exclusive Warcraft T-Shirt – […]

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    Mattel is Making Star Trek Barbie Dolls

    It’s the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, and everyone wants in on the action. You’d better believe that includes Mattel, which is now showing off three new dolls that are pretty much mandatory purchases for collectors, or for any Star Trek fan, really. Spock, Kirk, and Uhura are all getting their own Barbie dolls, and […]

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    Loot Crate April 2016 Review and Coupon Code

    April’s Loot Crate celebrated epic adventures, perilous quests and the fellowship of unlikely friends you will find along your journey. To that effect, the month’s theme is QUEST. April’s crate came full of exclusive items: Exclusive Vikings Drinking Horn With Strap – Crafted just for Looters, this is a replica drinking horn from breakout TV hit, […]

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    Big Ben Gets Its Own Gigantic LEGO Set With 4,000 Bricks

    Big Ben is an amazing, iconic structure, so of course it needs to be recreated with LEGOS. Four thousand brick LEGOS to be exact. The landmark has been reproduced as a detailed LEGO Creator set. Standing at 60 cm tall, it also accurately depicts the clock tower’s many detailed facades. It has four adjustable dials, a removable roof […]

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    Nerd Block April 2016 Review + Coupon

    Nerd Block‘s April theme is PARODY and who else is better suited to take center stage other than Weird Al Yankovic. Check out some of our favorite parody fandom that was found in the box: Exclusive The Simpsons 25th Anniversary “Weird Al” Action fig – Weird Al’s guest appearance on The Simpsons was honored with […]