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    Barbie Hello Dreamhouse is Barbie’s First Smart House

    You’ll probably remember Hello Barbie from last year, if for no other reason than she seemed to make a bunch of people really mad. Well, the quasi-cyborg Barbie of last year wasn’t at the 2016 New York Toy Fair last weekend, but Mattel hasn’t given up on the Hello thing. This year, they brought along […]

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    RC Hoverboard Barbie Flies on a Real Hoverboard

    Ugh, of course Barbie would get a real, honest hoverboard before the rest of us. Here at the New York Toy Fair, Mattel is demonstrating the Barbie Star Light Adventure RC Hoverboard, and no, there are absolutely no wheels involved. You can see from the video what the deal is — Barbie’s basically hitching a […]

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    Robit Isn’t Just a Robot, He Wants To Be Your Butler

    What started out as a DIY project to create a fun way for a nine-year-old to learn programming is shaping up to become one of the most useful home robots yet — and the most affordable. Robit is a cute little wheeled robot who has become a guard dog, an assistant, and a friendly companion, […]

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    Ninjago Is About To Get A Slew Of New LEGO Sets

    It’s going to be a big year for Lego Ninjago — the animated show, Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, is still rolling, and there’s a movie spinoff from The Lego Movie planned for release in 2017. What better way to get everyone excited about all that than with new Ninjago sets? Lego will show off […]

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    Here’s LEGO’s First Wheelchair Minifigure

    In an effort to promote inclusivity, Lego has introduced a new wheelchair element in one of its newest sets. It’s the first time that Lego has addressed physical disabilities in their sets, the next move in Lego’s move toward making all builders feel welcome. The set in question is called Fun in the Park, and […]

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    Dash And Dot Are Robot Companions For Little Kids

    It’s never too early to get kids started on coding — not that they have to become developers, but it sure doesn’t hurt to give them the knowledge base! Last year, Wonder Workshop wowed us with Dash and Dot, two robot companions for kids ages six to ten that teach coding concepts in a fun, […]

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    Loot Crate December 2015 Review and Coupon Code

    December was all about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and just like the sequel, Loot Crate’s December box did not disappoint. To that effect GALAXY was the very appreciate theme for the month. Here’s what we found in December’s box: Exclusive Star Wars Han Solo Vinyl Bobble-Head – by Funko – Hans Solo, beloved Star Wars icon, […]

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    Nerd Block Dec 2015 Review and Coupon Code

    Star Wars was on everybody’s mind in December, and rightfully so since the long-awaited sequel ended up being a smash hit. Fortunately, December’s Nerd Block was all about the Star Wars, with a little bit of Star Trek thrown in for good measure for the trekkies out there who might feel neglected. Here’s what we found in […]

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    Meccanoid Isn’t Just a Robot, It’s a Robotic Dinosaur

    Last year, Spinmaster showed MommyTech TV one of the coolest toys at CES in Meccanoid, a robot built from an Erector set and a simple robotic brain. Not only were kids able to get acquainted with building and programming, they got a singing, dancing robot buddy for their troubles. Spinmaster returned to CES 2016 with […]

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    WowWee CHiP is the Robotic Dog We’ve Been Waiting For

    At CES 2016, we met CHiP, the latest pup in the wide world of robotic dogs. CHiP knows plenty of tricks, like sitting and playing soccer, but it turns out there’s a lot more going on in this 21st century pet. Andrea Smith of MommyTech TV sat down with Sydney Wiseman of WowWee to talk […]



    This Little Smart Piggy Bank Does a Lot More Than Store Coins

    Spiral Toys is no stranger to connected toys thanks to their CloudPets line, but their newest release looks like it means business. Wiggy is a connected piggy bank that could mean bank for kids lucky enough to have this guy in their corner. Wiggy is a piggy bank with Bluetooth connectivity that wants to help […]

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    Oliba Transforms Ordinary Teddy Bears Into Smart Bears

    Oliba is a baby-proof toy tracker that you can tie to your kid’s favorite stuffed animal. It pairs with an app so you always know where that beloved toy is. Oliba can read stories or play lullabies selected from the app or ones you have recorded yourself for your baby. If you have ever seen […]

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    Powered Geek Box November 2015 – Review and Coupon Code

    November’s Power Geek Box was a solid one, but definitely not one of its best to date. That said, inside we found an assortment of fun items from some popular geeky franchises, along with some retro inspired paraphernalia. Here’s what we found in November’s box: G.I Joe Cobra Command Logo T-Shirt Doctor Who Adipose Vinyl Fig […]

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    Loot Crate November 2015 Review and Coupon Code

    Loot Crate November was all about COMBATing boredom by exploring the fun and fantastical fighters who take crazy combat to exaggerated arenas. To that effect, the box included exclusive items from Street Fighter, Fallout 4 and Cute But Deadly, plus a few more. Here’s the list of hard-hitting items we received in our box: Exclusive Cute […]

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    UnBaskets Are Anti-Fruit Baskets for Millenials

    Tired of always winning the same wicker basket with your boss ugly sweater with the lights, garland, and 3D Rudolph nose and antlers? Might as well tell the powers that be what you want for your efforts this year — UnBaskets is the latest gift box dealer, and they’re here to be the antithesis of […]

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    14 Hot Toys for Kids – A Gift Guide

    Need help on what to get the kids this holiday season? Admittedly, probably not — if they haven’t given you their pages-long, annotated wish lists yet, it only means that they’re still writing them. But, no holiday season is complete without a few surprises (hopefully good ones), and there are few things as satisfying as […]

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    Nerd Block November 2015 Review and Coupon Code

    “Tis’ the Season”, and November’s Loot Crate box certainly got us into the holiday spirit this with some great nerdy goodies and collectibles. To that effect, in the box we found some exclusives for Sherlock, Firefly and Star Wars! Here’s what we found in November’s box: Exclusive Sherlock Vinyl – No crime is too small when a […]