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    UnBaskets Are Anti-Fruit Baskets for Millenials

    Tired of always winning the same wicker basket with your boss ugly sweater with the lights, garland, and 3D Rudolph nose and antlers? Might as well tell the powers that be what you want for your efforts this year — UnBaskets is the latest gift box dealer, and they’re here to be the antithesis of […]

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    14 Hot Toys for Kids – A Gift Guide

    Need help on what to get the kids this holiday season? Admittedly, probably not — if they haven’t given you their pages-long, annotated wish lists yet, it only means that they’re still writing them. But, no holiday season is complete without a few surprises (hopefully good ones), and there are few things as satisfying as […]

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    Nerd Block November 2015 Review and Coupon Code

    “Tis’ the Season”, and November’s Loot Crate box certainly got us into the holiday spirit this with some great nerdy goodies and collectibles. To that effect, in the box we found some exclusives for Sherlock, Firefly and Star Wars! Here’s what we found in November’s box: Exclusive Sherlock Vinyl – No crime is too small when a […]

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    Worst Week Ever for VTech As 5 Million Toys Get Hacked

    According to reports last week from Motherboard and the BBC, a security flaw exposing sensitive information, including pictures of children and chat logs between parents and children, could potentially affect millions of VTech users. The flaw was discovered by a concerned hacker who passed along their findings to Motherboard, and the subsequent reports have prompted […]

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    Ditch the Drones, Get a Remote Controlled Wienermobile Instead

    I think Amazon said they were doing something with drones over the weekend or something, but I don’t care because that’s not the real story this week in unmanned vehicles. The Mini Wiener Rover may not deliver as many things as Amazon, but it excels at wiener transport, which is what we all really need […]

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    Doraemon and Hello Kitty Team Up For Super Cute Merch

    The stars have aligned — better prepare for a cute overload now that Doraemon and Hello Kitty have finally teamed up. The two companies behind the massively popular Japanese cartoon characters agreed to license a crossover line of merchandise back in July, and now we’re finally getting a look at some of finished products. Besides […]

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    Powered Geek Box October 2015 – Review and Coupon Code

    Coming in a bit late for Halloween, October’s Powered Geek Box was vaguely themed for the scary holiday. Unlike Loot Crate and Nerd Block, Powered Geek Box is a subscription box that doesn’t come with a monthly theme. That said, there was plenty of geeky goodness to be found in October’s box. Star Wars X-Wing fighters T-shirt […]

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    Taking the Parrot MiniDrone for a Spin

    This post brought to you by Parrot. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Chip Chick. Remote control vehicles have been a holiday mainstay for as long as I can remember — the year I finally graduated from Hot Wheels under the tree to an RC car I could (and did) do some […]

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    This Drunk Teddy Bear Truly Captures the Holiday Spirit

    The opening line of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina reads, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” I think what Tolstoy was really trying to say, when you boil it down and/or stretch it really, really far, is that everyone has their own reasons for needing to consume larger than […]

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    Moschino Barbie Airs Gender Norm-Busting Ad Starring a Boy

    I’m still not sure what captivates me more about this Moschino Barbie ad — that it breaks childhood gender norms about playtime so boldly or how incredibly Moschino the whole thing is. I don’t think I’m coming off the fence anytime soon. The ad is for a limited edition Moschino Barbie wearing tiny clothes designed […]

  • The LEGO Systems Ghostbusters Firehouse is photographed in front of the real FDNY firehouse used in the filming of the movie Ghostbusters, Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015, in New York. (Jason DeCrow/AP Images for LEGO Systems)


    Shots of LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse are Revealed, and Everything is Awesome

    It’s looking like Lego actually did call the Ghostbusters to advise on the creation of this set, because the minifigures and firehouse are on point. Lego’s newest (and priciest!) Ghostbusters set is of the team’s firehouse headquarters, and it’s required purchasing for anyone who paid up for the Ecto-1. A dozen minifigures are included in […]

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    Nerd Block October 2015 – Review and Coupon Code

    October was all about Halloween, and Nerd Block surely did not disappoint with a TRICK OR TREAT themed box. To that effect, Nerd Blockers were treated with screamingly epic loot – Alien, zombies and not one – but TWO vinyl figurines! Here’s what we found in October’s box: Exclusive Alien Ripley and Big Chap Xenomorph […]

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    You Don’t Want to Eat These Gummy Bears By the Handful

    I know that the sense of smell is tied to the sense of taste, but I don’t think that’s supposed to apply to the intoxicating scent of fresh highlighters. So, despite these gummy bears being a feast for the eyes and the nose, you might want to leave it there and skip the mouth part. […]

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    UNICEF Makes a Fitness Band to Get Kids Active Against World Hunger

    With the holidays fast approaching, UNICEF has found a nice confluence of 2015 holiday gold — wearable technology and Star Wars — to help them get kids active in more ways than one. The UNICEF Kid Power Band is coming exclusively to Target, and while Star Wars might be the bait that hooks kids, there’s […]

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    The Merch Awakens: 22 Ways to Get More Star Wars in Your Life

    We’re all excited for The Force Awakens — especially after that new trailer — but we’re just as stoked for the mountains of merch pouring forth from the floodgates opened when Disney bought Lucasfilm. Star Wars has been inextricably linked to its merch empire since the early days, but today that empire is striking back […]

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    Loot Crate October 2015 Review and Coupon Code

    TIME was the theme for October’s Loot Crate – and, quite appropriately, since October was also the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future II. The box also celebrated the timeless appeal of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and the timey-wimey charm of Doctor Who. This month’s Loot Crate ended up being one of our favorite […]

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    Smart Anatomy is Nothing Like the Operation Game We Grew Up With

    Long gone are the days when Operation was every kid’s first anatomy teacher. We’ve got smart technology now, and every once in a while, that smart technology is used to make some of us smarter. Oregon Scientific has a new toy called Smart Anatomy that endeavors to get kids familiar with how the human body […]

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    Painting Lulu Takes the Coloring Book Digital

    Keeping kids entertained on the cheap — it’s one the pillars of parenting. Coloring books are a solid choice, but coloring is a hard sell these days if it doesn’t involve screen time. Painting Lulu is an app/coloring book combo that pulls that trick off cheaply, providing entertainment for the little ones and a little […]

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    Digital Boogie Board Helps Kids Learn to Write, Sans Paper

    Against all odds, Boogie Board has managed to find success with its cheap eWriters — erasable digital writing tablets that let you save handwritten notes in digital format. Today, they’re taking that concept to kindergartners with the Play n’ Trace, a semi-transparent writing pad built to help kids practice their ABCs in a more eco-friendly […]