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    Loot Crate September 2015 Review + Coupon Code

    Call forth some hard-hitting companions and get ready to SUMMON an epic crate! All the monsters you can fit in your pocket, as well as the ones you need some crazy circle-drawing skills to bring to the realm – are all celebrated this month. To that effect, September’s Loot Crate featured awesome items from Blizzard, […]

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    Nerd Block Sept 2015 Review and Coupon Code

    As we prepare for the highly anticipated release of the Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Nerd Block has joined in with the festivities to bring us one of the first exclusive merch items from the upcoming movie. Our trip through HYPERSPACE in September, also included items from Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, and you are sure to […]

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    Geek Fuel August 2015 Review

    Geek Fuel is amongst one of the best geeky subscription boxes out there. Each month is a surprise, especially since the box lacks a theme. But we do love ourselves some surprises! Here’s what we found in August’s Geek Fuel box: Exclusive Deadpool T-shirt. This is an homage to our favorite chimichanga-eating superhero with attitude. […]

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    Loot Crate August 2015 Review and Coupon Code

    This month, the VILLAINS are back! Whether they are terrifying or tragic, something about those bad guys and girls is just plain fun. Perhaps it’s their snazzy outfits, their army of henchmen, or their totally relatable “treat o’self to some sweet loot” attitude, in any case we can appreciate villains as much as we do heroes. […]

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    Nerd Block August 2015 Review and Coupon Code

    Nerd Block’s August box was all about enjoying the end of summer, and making sure it goes out with a splash. To that effect, in side of the box were plenty of useful summer-centric items. Here’s what we found in our box: Exclusive Ghost Trap Lunch Box – Who said ghost traps are just for […]

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    Hasbro Molds September 16 Into World Play-Doh Day

    Reach into the closet for those old cans of Play-Doh and hope they haven’t all dried out, because as of this year, September 16 is officially World Play-Doh Day. The powers that be, or Hasbro, or whoever have deemed it so. Apparently, September 16 has been National Play-Doh Day since 2006, but we live in […]

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    Watch LEGO’s Minecraft: The Mine Get Built in a Minute

    LEGO’s Minecraft series is the perfect marriage between two amazing franchises. After all, Minecraft looks like it’s made out of LEGO pieces! And if you can’t get enough of the two, than you’ll love LEGO’s The Mine building set because it’s basically the flagship of LEGO’s Minecraft series.  To that effect, this intricate set packs […]

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    Power Up Box August 2015 Review and Coupon Code

    Power Up Box is one of the newer geek subscription boxes on the market. One of the things that makes Power Up Box unique is that it doesn’t have a set theme for their monthly geek box. As a result, each box is always a surprise, and almost feels like a Christmas morning experience each […]

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    12 Must-Have Star Wars Swag From Force Friday

    A merch storm the likes of which we have never seen started last Friday, when Disney unleashed the irresistible power of Force Friday. Let’s just say the decision to release the movie the week before Christmas was a calculated decision that the Sith would be proud of, because loads of wallets are going to be […]

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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens LEGO Sets Are Finally Unveiled

    Get ready — Lego started releasing their Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens sets as part of Disney’s Force Friday event last week, and you’d better believe there’s more where that came from. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves — there’s a lot already here to get through, so let’s start getting […]

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    BB-8 Droid Toy is Why Sphero Was Created

    When Sphero, the app-controlled ball, launched in 2012, we thought it was cool, but also just a ball that rolled around on the floor. It was not the most compelling toy, and we promptly forgot about it. Well, serendipity happened, and Sphero’s true potential has finally been unlocked. BB-8 is the droid Sphero was created […]

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    Windows 3.0 Solitaire Inspired Deck of Cards is Freaking Brilliant

    Maybe we’re feeling nostalgic because Windows 95 just turned 20 years old, but this deck of cards inspired by the classic Windows 3.0 Solitaire game has us gushing over pixelated memories of the 90’s. That said, what took so long to come out with these cards!? Especially when you consider just how popular the game […]

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    PlayMobil Lists Their Luxury Mansion at $6 million. Is Barbie Jealous?

    Does a plastic dollhouse aimed at elementary school-aged children need to be all about luxury amenities, with a working doorbell (batteries required), and modern designer furniture? It’s one thing for Barbie’s Dream House to be estimated at a cool $25 million in real life when Mattel was promoting her toy Dream House back in 2013. […]

  • Power Up Box July 15

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    Power Up Box July 2015 Review and Coupon Code

    Power Up Box is one of the newer geek subscription boxes on the market. One of the things that makes Power Up Box unique is that it doesn’t have a set theme for their monthly geek box. As a result, each box is always a surprise, and almost feels like a Christmas morning experience each […]

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    Bluetooth Star Wars Snow Globes Have Us Pumped for Episode VII

    Well, I was thinking more because snow globes are a winter novelty, but yeah, there’s that Episode VII thing to look forward to, too. I don’t know, maybe you’re just tired of sweating all the time. Whatever your reasons for pining for the cold darkness of the latter months, know that this winter will be […]

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    Smart Toy for Dogs Will Keep Pets Entertained for Hours

    Accelerometers are pretty much ubiquitous in human toys now, so it’s time for that technology to go to the dogs. PetSmart is carrying this Move N’ Shake Dog Toy, which doesn’t do much, but should do just enough to provide your dog with some quality entertainment for a few hours. Then again, maybe some of […]

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    Geek Fuel July 2015 Review

    Geek Fuel’s July box focused on several hot trends of the summer. That includes everything from the Ant-Man movie release, to a clever tribute to the Tour De France. This is what we found in July’s Geek Fuel box: Exclusive Le Tour de Geek t-shirt. Hop on board with Le Tour de Geek this month […]