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    Uber May Add a Tipping Feature Later This Year

    Since the beginning, Uber has been opposed to allowing tipping using their app. But, a proposed rule change in New York by the Taxi and Limousine Commission could force Uber to change that policy as soon as this year. Unlike competing contractor taxi company Lyft, Uber does not allow tipping through the use of their […]

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    Good Airless Tires For Your Bike Could Be Here Soon

    The idea of airless tires is great — flats don’t happen to any one person that often, but when they do, they can make for awful experiences, especially if they happen outside of the city. In the world of bicycles, we’ve seen attempts at airless tires before, but up until now, we’ve mostly seen solutions that don’t […]

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    Here’s Elon Musk’s Plan to Colonize Mars in Pictures

    On Tuesday, Elon Musk went to the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico on behalf of SpaceX, his spaceflight company. He went there to talk about his plans to colonize Mars, and I’m going to level with you — I watched the stream, and I didn’t understand most of what he said. What I took home […]

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    CycleBoard is the Safe, Speedy Three-Wheeled Scooter

    Now that electric batteries are smaller, lighter, and cheaper, we’re seeing an explosion in both small-scale and large-scale electric transportation. Tesla’s leading the way for the latter, but in the former, we’ve seen Segways, hoverboards, more electric bicycles, and loads of other environmentally-friendly ways to get around town faster. Fortunately, all but one of those […]