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    Slicks is a Modular Backpack for All Kinds of Travel

    The bag industry has it pretty good — all kinds of travel need their own special kinds of luggage, which creates a lot of niches to cater to. Businesspeople need something that will keep wrinkles away from their formal clothes, mobile workers need a lot of pockets and slots to stay organized, and tourists need […]

  • Pina-Family-Shot


    These are the Best-Smelling Battery Packs of All Time

    If you’re on the east coast, you’re probably still half buried in snow and thinking about how awesome it would be to not have to dig out parking spots every time you go into the city. Well, good news — spring might still be a ways off, but at least we’re starting to see some […]

  • DSC02493


    Lost Your Wallet? Safedome Will Track It Down For You

    As a lost and found tracker, Safedome doesn’t do much differently from any of the other loads of trackers on the market. But, Safedome is more than a tracker — it’s a service that promises to protect you from identity theft in case it can’t help you get your stuff back. Whereas most lost and […]

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    Man Uses Storm Jonas Snow to Offer Igloo On Airbnb

    With all the controversy over landlord abuses and illegal hotels, you’d think Airbnb would be happy to display a listing safe from those firestorms. Sadly, they decided to take down the listing of a Brooklyn man who built a cozy two-person snow hut in his backyard with the inches and inches (and feet) of snow […]

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    ASAP Dash Battery Pack Charges Up In Just 15 Minutes

    It’s pretty tough to make us excited about a battery pack, but the ASAP Dash has managed by fully charging dead phones, ASAP. The 5,000 mAh pack isn’t just pretty robust, it has fast charging capabilities that can intelligently max out charging speeds for all mobile devices, and it’s putting up some impressive numbers. The […]

  • Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 3.16.17 PM


    Chipolo Makes Lost and Found Trackers Romantic

    The Bluetooth lost and found track got a makeover at CES 2016, with companies like Wistiki and Chipolo making chic trackers that double as lifesavers for the forgetful among us. The little devices that buzz and ring out when you (and your smartphone) get out of range of one of your essentials (keys, wallet, etc) […]

  • screenshot_209


    Passenger Flies Delta With Turkey As Their Service Animal

    The definition of ‘service animal’ is apparently pretty broad when it comes to air travel. Service animals can include companions that help to ease the anxiety caused by a fear of flying, but that by no means is just limited to dogs and cats. Case in point, someone brought a turkey onto a Delta flight, […]

  • GenZe


    AT&T is Sending Connected Scooters to the Streets

    Cars aren’t the only vehicles getting connected. United States-based scooter maker Mahindra GenZe is using AT&T’s network and connectivity technology to power a new line of motorized, connected scooters aimed at budget- and environmentally-conscious city dwellers. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean anyone will actually be communicating with their scooter on the road. The GenZe 2.0 scooters, […]

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    ArcaBoard Is A Hoverboard That Can Actually Fly

    That anyone was allowed to call something with wheels a hoverboard is but one minor mark of shame out of many left on the year that was, but against all odds, it’s something that has been put to rights in the eleventh hour. Arca Space Corporation has created the ArcaBoard, an actual hoverboard that is […]

  • banned


    Amazon Tells Some Customers to Ditch Their ‘Hoverboards’

    The so-called hoverboard death watch continues. After reports of exploding hoverboards, a push to enforce laws against them in New York City, and a three-airline strong travel ban, Amazon is now taking the extremely unusual step of emailing some UK customers to tell them to abandon their hoverboards at the nearest e-waste center and providing […]

  • banned


    Three Airlines Are Banning Hoverboards

    Following New York City’s crackdown on hoverboards, United States-based airlines are now refusing to allow hoverboards to be checked onto their airplanes. But, while NYC is concerned about unlicensed conveyances, airlines are worried about a less obscure concern — fire. The gears (gyroscopes?) started turning when news of exploding hoverboards started to break. Concerns over […]

  • HK Cafe Container - Rendering  FINAL 100715


    Hello Kitty Pop-Up Cafe Coming to Irvine, California Later This Month

    Well, it’s definitely not still summer, and it also doesn’t appear to be permanent, so we’re dangerously close to being disappointed after being promised our first United States Hello Kitty Cafe last year. But, like any good Hello Kitty fan, we’ll take what we can get — a pop-up Hello Kitty Cafe is coming to […]