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    Motorized Picnic Tables Are Making Australian Cops Crazy

    Next time someone mentions an Australian picnic table, let there be no doubt as to what they’re talking about. A group of nine guys from Perth have outfitted two picnic tables with motors and wheels, making themselves public enemies one through nine in the eyes of police. You can check out the video to marvel […]

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    Shipbuilding Company Creates the Imperial Destroyer of Yachts

    If you’re a billionaire and you buy this thing, you might as well go whole hog and blast “The Imperial March” while you sail on by with your black-clad, horribly disfigured lieutenant. The Damen Group, shipbuilders responsible for both luxury vessels and warships, have decided to combine the two into the SeaXplorer, a super yacht […]

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    The Absolute Best International Data and Roaming Options for Travelers: A Guide

    Leaving the country shouldn’t be a punishment. Yet, it’s 2015 and so many U.S. wireless carriers still want to gouge their customers when it comes to pricing for international roaming — everyone except T-Mobile, anyway. Even worse, if you’re on a prepaid plan in the U.S., chances are you don’t have an option to roam internationally […]

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    Boston Man Will Sell You Three Dead Leaves for $20, Is Serious

    In a story that could only come out of Boston, a man by the name of Kyle Waring has created a website,, which you can use to purchase dead Boston leaves (naturally superior to other dead leaves). By way of explanation, the serial eco-entrepreneur (this, the man that offered and may yet again offer […]

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    Speck’s First Backpack Knocks it Out of the Park

    In our never-ending search for the perfect backpack, it seems there is no happy medium between the ultra-protective behemoth that makes us look like a hitch-hiker, and the oh-so-fashionable backpack that lacks sufficient pockets. Speck, the popular mobile case maker, must have heard our complaints as its new line of MightyPack backpacks check all our […]

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    Is Smog From China Reaching the U.S. West Coast?

    A joint Dutch-U.S. study recently published in Nature Geoscience suggests that the answer is yes. The research team looked at ground-level ozone presence (better known as smog) between 2005 and 2010, and found that rising levels in China have allowed ozone to jump aboard westbound winds and reach the west coast of the United States, […]

  • Kathie Lee Gifford celebrates the release of her new wine, GIFFT Pinot Noir Rose, with Carnival Splendor Captain Candeloro Donato, left, as they pour it into a giant wine glass aboard the ship while docked in New York, July 27, 2015. The wine will now be served across the entire fleet.  Carnival Cruise Lines/Ray Stubblebine


    Want Kathie Lee Gifford’s New Rosé? Go on a Carnival Cruise

    Longtime Carnival Cruise Line BFF and wine connoisseur Kathie Lee Gifford had a red and a white in her GIFFT wine collection. All that was needed to complete the holy wine trinity was a rosé, and so it has come to pass. Kathie Lee boarded the Carnival Splendor earlier this week to introduce the GIFFT […]

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    Self-Defense Umbrella Gets Handed Out to Women in India

    The newest self-defense tool for women in India looks pretty familiar — it’s your standard, run-of-the-mill umbrella. But, this umbrella comes with a few helpful pointers on how to turn a run-of-the-mill umbrella into an all-purpose tool to fend off would-be attackers. The idea was born out of concern for married women at home while […]

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    SkySaver Backpack is Your Ticket Out of a Burning Building

    Live in a high-rise building and don’t trust your cooking skills? SkySaver is an altogether different sort of backpack that can save your life in the event of an apartment fire — by giving you a fire-resistant rope to help you rappel down the building. Inside SkySaver is a metal rope coiled up and ready […]

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    ChatSim Review

    Earlier this year, ChatSim (formerly WhatSim) promised unlimited chat using messenger apps like Line, WhatsApp, and Viber for €10 per year (plus an initial €5 activation fee). In reality, that’s one of a few different outcomes possible with ChatSim, most of which cost money that isn’t worth paying. It’s not a simple service to set […]

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    The U.S. Gets Its First Female Cruise Ship Captain, What Took So Long?

    It’s 2015. Women have been in space, they’ve been the CEOs of major tech companies, they’ve served in the military, but somehow, not a single one from the United States has captained a cruise ship until now. Celebrity Cruises announced today that next month, 37-year-old Kate McCue will take over as captain of the Celebrity […]

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    Rickshaw Medium Zero Messenger Bag Review

    With so many styles of messenger bag available, how do you pick the one that is right for you? It should be stylish, comfortable and be adaptable to your needs. Rickshaw Bagworks has a huge line of customizable bags which do all that and do it well. This week we looked closely at the Medium […]

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    Desperate Greeks Look to Bitcoin for Euro Alternative

    Money is hard to come by in Greece. Soaring unemployment made it hard to earn, and now what money Greeks have is being locked up in banks, with capital controls going into effect earlier this week ahead of a possible default on a €1.6 billion loan payment owed to the IMF. Limits on how much […]