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    SkySaver Backpack is Your Ticket Out of a Burning Building

    Live in a high-rise building and don’t trust your cooking skills? SkySaver is an altogether different sort of backpack that can save your life in the event of an apartment fire — by giving you a fire-resistant rope to help you rappel down the building. Inside SkySaver is a metal rope coiled up and ready […]

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    ChatSim Review

    Earlier this year, ChatSim (formerly WhatSim) promised unlimited chat using messenger apps like Line, WhatsApp, and Viber for €10 per year (plus an initial €5 activation fee). In reality, that’s one of a few different outcomes possible with ChatSim, most of which cost money that isn’t worth paying. It’s not a simple service to set […]

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    The U.S. Gets Its First Female Cruise Ship Captain, What Took So Long?

    It’s 2015. Women have been in space, they’ve been the CEOs of major tech companies, they’ve served in the military, but somehow, not a single one from the United States has captained a cruise ship until now. Celebrity Cruises announced today that next month, 37-year-old Kate McCue will take over as captain of the Celebrity […]

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    Rickshaw Medium Zero Messenger Bag Review

    With so many styles of messenger bag available, how do you pick the one that is right for you? It should be stylish, comfortable and be adaptable to your needs. Rickshaw Bagworks has a huge line of customizable bags which do all that and do it well. This week we looked closely at the Medium […]

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    Desperate Greeks Look to Bitcoin for Euro Alternative

    Money is hard to come by in Greece. Soaring unemployment made it hard to earn, and now what money Greeks have is being locked up in banks, with capital controls going into effect earlier this week ahead of a possible default on a €1.6 billion loan payment owed to the IMF. Limits on how much […]

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    The Fury 325 is a 320-foot Drop Roller Coaster

    Nah. I got sweaty palms just watching this video, no sound, no tactile feedback. I don’t need the Fury 325 in my life, thanks. But, if you feel the need to be strapped to an open-air contraption that goes up to 95 mph and plummets down a 320-foot drop, hey, be my guest, man. The […]

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    Dering is a Chic Phone Pouch with built-in Charging

    Knomo has long been one of our favorite tech-friendly fashion accessory brands, and with pieces like their new Dering Smartphone Pouch, it’s easy to see why. The sleek navy and black pouch can carry enough else besides your smartphone to function as a purse in a pinch, while giving your smartphone as much as one […]

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    Pixie is a Lost and Found System that is Actually Useful

    We’ve already seen a couple lost and found smart trackers hit the market, but Pixie promises to be the most refined of the lot. The tiny trackers won’t just help you keep track of your keys and wallet—they’ll help keep everything organized while using triangulation and augmented reality to pinpoint exactly where your lost items […]

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    Doxie Go Plus and Doxie Go Wi-Fi Make Mobile Scanning Better Than Ever

    Doxie has been spearheading the mobile scanning movement with the Doxie Go, Doxie One and Doxie Flip, portable, battery-powered scanners that make things easier on poor students and receipt hoarders alike. Today, Doxie announced improved versions of their Doxie Go—the Doxie Go Plus and the Doxie Go Wi-Fi. Both models will feature three times the […]

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    eBay Holiday Collective is Back With Power Packs Designed by Badgley Mischka and Nicole Miller

    The eBay Holiday Collective is an annual collaboration between eBay and top fashion designers to sell stylish takes on everyday gadgets. Last year we got designer USB bracelets, and this year, we’re getting designer power packs that will provide a little extra battery life to your mobile devices. Badgley Mischka, Nicole Miller, Pamela Love, Suno, […]

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    Phorce Pro is a Smart Laptop Bag With an External Battery Pack

    Battery power is all-important for mobile devices. Unfortunately, battery life improvements lag behind virtually everything else that goes into a smartphone. Good thing we’ve had a few ingenious folks give us tech-friendly bags with external battery packs to help keep those mobile devices alive throughout the day. The latest of these bags, the Phorce Pro, […]

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    BikeCharge Dynamo Turns Your Bicycle Into a Mobile Battery Pack

    Like efficiency? You’re going to love the BikeCharge Dynamo, a dynamo that can harness your pedal power and use it to charge your mobile devices. The tiny BikeCharge Dynamo can be easily mounted to your bike’s front wheel, where it’ll take the energy produced by the turning of the axle and convert it into usable […]