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    Nintendo 2DS is About to Drop in Price to Just $80

    The cheaper, non-3D version of the Nintendo 3DS is getting its second price cut since its 2013 release. Nintendo has confirmed that next week, the Nintendo 2DS will go down to $80 from $100. As before, the 2DS will come with a free download of Mario Kart 7, making the 2DS a pretty great value buy. […]

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    Pokémon Sun and Moon Introduces Three Adorable New Characters

    After Nintendo announced the seventh generation of Pokémon back in February in the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon titles for the 3DS, we’ve been waiting patiently to see what decision we’re going to be faced with this time. In a Nintendo Direct yesterday, we had our questions answered — meet Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio. As usual, we’ll have […]

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    Disney Unexpectedly Discontinues Disney Infinity, Will Get Out of Console Game Development

    When we talked about toys-to-life video games in the last few years, the conversation pretty much started and ended with Skylanders, Lego Dimensions, and Disney Infinity. It’s going to be a shorter conversation from now on, with Disney announcing yesterday that development on Disney Infinity has been canceled, with the 300-person development team being disbanded. The game, which had seen yearly […]

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    Super Mario is Coming to Minecraft Wii U

    Wii U owners have been hard up for good gaming news, and while getting Minecraft was nice, it’s hard to get to excited knowing you can play that game on any other platform (including smartphones). Exclusive content is always a nice consolation prize, though — on May 17, Minecraft on the Wii U is getting a Mario-themed […]

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    This Minecraft Server Was Hacked Months Ago and No One Told Players

    Bad news for Minecraft Pocket players today — Motherboard is reporting that Lifeboat, which runs several multiplayer servers for the smartphone edition of the game, was hacked in January with emails and passwords compromised. Problem is, no one is hearing about it until now. The Motherboard report reveals that the attack was made worse because of a weak […]

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    Quantum Break Review (PC)

    When the Xbox One was unveiled, Microsoft talked up the power of their cloud servers — instead of games being confined to an install or a disc, supplemental features could be streamed. We heard a lot about how this could lead to bigger multiplayer arenas accommodating more players, or extra social features accessible in-game. Microsoft got […]

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    Microsoft and Sony Want to Make More PC-Like Consoles

    It’s a strange time in the video game industry — consoles are still selling well, but more and more, we still can’t help wondering if they have a future. With both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One becoming more PC-like (the latter even runs Windows 10!), it’s hard to see the point in making PC-like […]

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    Gears of War 4 Trailer is Equal Parts Bummer and Hype

    Gears of War is one of those video game series that doesn’t seem that old until you look it up and realize the original came out in 2006 and that the last main entry, Gears of War 3, came out five years ago. So, it’s been a while! But, the series is restarting this year after […]

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    Cooking Mama Gets Her Own Delicious Line of Apparel

    The Nintendo DS/3DS has given us many heroes and heroines over the years, possibly none greater than master chef and noted PETA rival Cooking Mama. She’s cooked up five DS games, two Wii games, and now she’s getting her very own (very belated) clothing line! Zoo Clothing, a Canadian retailer, has been carrying a Cooking […]

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    It Only Took Almost 30 Years To Discover This Secret Animation in Super Mario Bros 3

    There’s just something about the Mario series — and we’re not talking about its lasting video game legacy. We’re talking about a fascination that may have started with speed running, but has become something far more expansive — a dogged desire to plumb the depths of game programming to find absolutely every glitch, hidden animation, and exploit, […]

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    A Female Link Might Be an Option in the Next Legend of Zelda Game

    Nintendo’s always been a tight-lipped company, but even for them, the silence around the next Legend of Zelda game has been on par with Link’s — the company has offered next to no details about the upcoming game since first showing it off at E3 2014. After delays, the thinking goes that we’ll see more at this year’s E3, […]

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    Designing a Real Pistol to Look Like a Duck Hunt Gun is a Really Bad Idea

    It’s a good thing for the Duck Hunt Dog that this wasn’t made back in the ’80s. Precision Syndicate LLC, which from their Facebook page appears to be some sort of firearm customization company (“Machine Services and Manufacturing, Cad/Cam and Prototyping,” says the description), recently shared a bit of their handiwork — a customized (real) pistol […]

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    PS4 Update Lets You Remotely Play Games On Your PC or Mac

    Ever since the heyday of AOL Instant Messenger, the ability to avoid people online by going invisible has been essential to staying sane on the internet. Well, PlayStation fans rejoice — as of today, you too can now ghost on your friends and/or random person you added to your instant regret. No stopping there, though […]

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    Sony Caves In, Says They’re Going To Make Games for iPhone

    Looks like 2016 will be the year the traditional giants of gaming stop ignoring the allure of the mobile market. After the launch of Nintendo’s long-talked about foray into smartphone games last week, Sony is following suit with the brief announcement of a new in-house studio that will be dedicated to smartphones. Sony Corporate Entertainment […]