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    FoldiMate is the Laundry Folding Machine We’ve Been Waiting For

    FoldiMate is not quite the laundry robot that The Jetsons teased us with, but it’s a start! While there’s still no hard proof that our first consumer-level laundry folding machine will actually hit the market, we got to see the prototype! Additionally, there’s prices, specs, videos, and general release information now available. FoldiMate will automatically […]

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    I Guess the Dress is Being Replaced By Flip-Flops This Year

    We almost got out of 2016 without a viral color identification controversy, but it wasn’t to be. The spiritual successor to last year’s white and gold but actually blue and black dress has arrived in the form of a pair of flip flops, which are some combination of colors. I’m not going to speculate. This […]

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    Facebook is Testing Another Snapchat Stories Competitor in Poland

    Not content to bite Snapchat stories once using Instagram, Facebook is going on the offensive once again using their Messenger app. Reports indicate that Facebook is testing a feature called Messenger Day in Poland. It’s identical to Snapchat and Instagram Stories — take some pictures, doodle on them, and put them into a slideshow that disappears […]

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    Thousands Have Signed Petition For In-N-Out To Offer Vegetarian Options

    Vegetarians have had enough. Just because they don’t eat meat doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get to eat at one of America’s most beloved burger chains. That is why thousands of people have signed a petition demanding that In-N-Out Burger start serving veggie burgers. The petition, which was started by the Good Food Institute earlier this month, has […]

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    Self-Driving Boats Are Coming To Amsterdam

    And you thought those self-driving cars sounded scary! Wait until you see a boat driving itself on the water. Self-driving boats are actually in the works in Amsterdam. Today, the Amsterdam Institute for Metropolitan Solutions (AMS) announced a new, five-year research initiative to explore the possibility of floating robot vehicles. “Imagine a fleet of autonomous boats for the transportation […]

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    Twitter Just Made It a Whole Lot Easier To Include GIFs, Photos and Videos

    It’s about freaking time! No longer do you have spend minutes of your precious time figuring out how to put your deep thoughts on Angelina and Brad’s divorce into only 140 characters. Launching today, Twitter now does not count photos, videos, GIFs, polls and Quote Tweets as part of your 140-character count. Links still do count, however. Also, Twitter […]

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    Pumpkin Spice Hair is the Latest Hair Craze

    It’s really happened. We have reached full Pumpkin Spice saturation. We thought it was bad enough when they came out with Pumpkin Spice-flavored Cheerios, English Muffins and M&M’s. Things also seemed to have gone too far when McDonald’s made their PSL beverages available in mid-August. But none of that compares to this. Guess what is the new hair […]

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    Snowden (Film) Review

    ‘Snowden,’ based on the life and impact of former CIA and NSA contractor Edward Snowden, is Oliver Stone’s latest endeavor featuring a mix of top notch cast, “dramatizations” and strange screenplay choices. Stone is not known to shy away from the political or controversial and ‘Snowden’ is no different. In the film, Stone takes the […]

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    Drafts Could Be Coming to Instagram Very Soon

    A simple but very significant change might be coming to Instagram soon, and for a change, it’ll be one that users actually like. Multiple users have reported that the Instagram app is allowing them to save edited photos as drafts before posting. Say goodbye to ill-conceived ‘grams and hello to filtered to perfection. Before this […]

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    Ikea Australia Makes Kanye West Look Like a Fool on Facebook

    Today in obscure corporate Facebook accounts, we have Ikea Australia (there’s one for every country Ikea is in, best I can tell) coming at Kanye West, kind of. Calling it beef is too strong — it’s hard to classify it, actually, but I think that captures Kanye West, the man, the musician, and the social media user, pretty well. […]

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    JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Speaker Review

    JBL is back at it. They just released a new edition to their Charge lineup of portable bluetooth speakers. This one is IBX-7 waterproof, and even louder than ever. The wireless speaker features a really impressive 20 hour battery that’s capable of sharing battery power with any phone or USB device. The JBL Charge 3 […]

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    Facebook Takes on Snapchat By Way of Instagram Stories

    It’s easy to forget sometimes, but Instagram belongs to Facebook thanks to a what now seems low $1 billion acquisition in 2012. To his credit, Mark Zuckerberg has stayed fairly hands-off, although Instagram’s changes to their feed this year suggests that may no longer be the case. Here’s the latest hint that Facebook might be taking […]

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    Finally, There is a Marshmallow-Only Cereal

    Here’s a huge win for our 7-year-old selves who refuse to eat like adults. How many of us can remember sitting down with a big bowl of Lucky Charms to watch cartoons and being so annoyed that that pesky cereal got in the way of us just eating spoonfuls of tiny dehydrated marshmallows? If this […]

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    A Slew of New Career Women Emoji Are Finally On Their Way

    When Unicode, the arbiter of all emoji, released Unicode 9.0 this past June, it became possible to use emoji in multiple skin tones. Nice step forward, but women were still getting the short end of the stick, with emoji for princesses, brides, and getting haircuts — and not much in the way of actual careers (with […]

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    This One Service is Hanging Up on Conference Call Pain Points

    There are so many little details that can have hugely positive — or negative — effects on your business. Conference calls seem like one of those little details, but don’t sleep on them. Those calls are usually where your business interacts with co-workers, clients and even investors or media. A poor call can make your […]

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    Monster Blaster Boombox Review

    Monster has brought the boombox back from the dead! The new Monster Blaster is the boombox “reimagined”, and boy can it boom. The new speaker is wireless Bluetooth and can crank up to 12 hours of tunes, no “D” batteries required. It features a waterproof design, integrated handle, NFC pairing, USB device charging, a microphone […]